Hopeless by Colleen Hoover (Hopeless, #1)

Hopeless - Hoover


By Colleen Hoover

Series: Hopeless, Book 1

My Rating: 4 Stars

Colleen Hoover continues to amaze my reading senses.  I’ve loved every single book that I’ve read of hers and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon.  Every book gives me another amazing story with truly powerful and moving characters.  They suffer and struggle and ultimately find redemption.  Hoover’s books leave me breathless and I always require several days to recover from the drama and heartache her books inflict on me.  I always go through at least a half a box of tissues when reading them too.  I have learned that for the last 50 pages or so, I really need to be in the confines of my home and away from people because it’s only a matter of time before the waterworks start and we can’t be showing that off to all my fellow shoppers at Barnes and Noble or Starbucks, or my Dr.s office.  It’s best to do my bawling in the privacy of my own home with no one to witness the event except my cats.  They have grown accustomed to occasionally being used as a tissue so I’m safe with them.  All that said, if you haven’t read Hopeless, you need to.  This was one of those books that will grab you from the very first page.  It’s the first book in Hoover’s Hopeless series and well worth the read.


Sky Davis is starting her senior year in high school.  New to public school, Sky, hopes to make connections she’s never been able to make while being home schooled.  Unfortunately, Sky is on her own since her best friend Six has gone off to Europe for six months to study.  Sky knows that Six has a reputation for being “easy” and unfortunately for Sky that means guilty by association.  And while she’s not completely innocent, she’s not what everyone says about her.  Public school isn’t everything she thought it would be and now Sky just wants to get through the year so she can join the real world.  But when  she meets Dean Holder, a beautiful boy with irresistible dimples, who comes with a whole list of rumors attached to him of his own, Sky feels inexplicably drawn to him.  Holder is intense to the Nth degree.  He is a boy of few words, a violent temper, and who happens to harbor unwavering interest in knowing Sky.  As the intensity of their relationship grows, Holder stirs up memories of Sky’s past that she’s unknowingly kept hidden for years.  Then Sky realizes that Holder is keeping secrets.  Secrets about her past that will change her world forever.  Sky is torn between knowing her past and protecting herself from the pains she has carefully hidden away.  When Holder reveals his secrets, Sky may never be able to trust him or anyone close to her again.

My Thoughts

Whew!!!  This book was intense.  Every book I have ever read of Colleen Hoover’s has made me cry like a baby.  I thought I was going to finally get through one without the need for a box of tissues and privacy.  Nope, wrong on both accounts.  I made it to page 363 before the waterworks started.  It all went downhill from there.  By the time I hit the last pages, I could hardly see what I was trying to read.  My shirt sleeves were soaking wet, the cat had tears rubbed in his fur and I was a sniffling, blubbering mess.  Thanks a lot Colleen Hoover!

Seriously though, this was an amazing read.  I was able to figure out some of what was happening and make some connections before they were actually revealed but not everything.  The book still held some surprises for me and I like it when that happens.

The subjects covered in this book are intense and deeply painful so it’s important to be prepared.  Without revealing the secrets of this book, I’ll just say, that my heart ached no more than 100 different times for these characters and their circumstances.  I just couldn’t see how they could come through the events in their lives and be ok in the end.   But, true to form, Colleen Hoover successfully brings everything full circle and leaves her characters with hope for a better future, the possibility of love, friendship and happiness.

As always, Colleen Hoover’s books are highly recommended.  You can’t go wrong with her stories, her characters or her books in general.  As with her other books, Hopeless will take you on one crazy, emotional ride and will leave you breathless at the end.


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