Book Review: Down to You by M. Leighton (The Bad Boys, #1)

Down to you - Leighton

Down to You

By M. Leighton

Series: The Bad Boys, Book 1

My Rating: 4 Stars

This was my first experience reading M. Leighton and I can honestly say that I enjoyed this book much more than I anticipated.  Down to You is the first book in her Bad Boys series.  And having now finished it, I’m glad I branched out.  This book was undeniably hot.  Who wouldn’t want to read about two amazingly hot twins which represent the best of both worlds?  Not this person, I can tell you that. In fact, I liked reading about them so much that I definitely want to read more in this series.


Olivia Townsend is an average girl making her way through college.  She’s determined to finish up her degree then go back home to help her dad run his business.  She refuses to be a woman in his life that walked away like her mother did to him.  Her goals are within reach and life is moving along as planned when she meets Cash and Nash Davenport.  Brothers.  Twins. Irresistible twins.  Completely not what she needed twins. Thrown her life into a tail spin twins.

Nash Davenport is an intern at a top law firm in Atlanta.  He’s tender, sweet and thoughtful and everything Olivia thinks she should look for in a man.  But he’s completely unavailable because he’s currently attached to Marissa, Liv’s rich and beautiful cousin and roommate and the daughter of Nash’s boss.  Olivia is a distraction Nash doesn’t need but he can’t seem to resist her.  She’s everything  Marissa isn’t and despite his resistance there is something about her that continually draws him to her.  Being with her would ruin his plans.  Everything he has worked towards.  An end that he hopes will give him the answers he desperately needs.

Cash Davenport is the quintessential bad boy.  The embodiment of everything Olivia should stay away from but absolutely everything she desires.  She’s knows Cash’s type.  She’d dated his type.  She’s had her heart broken by his type.  She’s proven to forever be attracted to the bad boy.  The one that will bring her nothing but pain and regret.  But from the moment she meets him she’s inexplicably drawn to him like a moth to a flame.  When she takes a bar tending job at his nightclub she knows he’s going to be trouble.  But there is chemistry between them, undeniable chemistry.  And Cash wants her.  And he will do anything to get her in his bed.

As Oliva becomes more involved with Nash and Cash she comes to realize they are keeping secrets.  But she is wholly unprepared for what they are hiding and when she discovers the truth, her very life may be at stake.

My Thoughts

I’ll admit when I first read the synopsis for this book I wasn’t super impressed.  Cash and Nash?  Seriously?  Sounds ridiculous right?  But it’s all explained in the book and that goes a long way in making you accept their names.  For the most part, I was completely entertained and thrilled by this book.  I definitely want to move on to the next book in the series and see what happens next.  This book gave me a twist that I didn’t see coming.  You have to love a book that can surprise you, especially if you spend alot of time reading and have a tendency to be able to figure out the big reveal before it actually happens.  I didn’t expect this books secret.  Then the ending leaves you hanging and you can’t wait to see what happens next.  Lucky for me I don’t have to wait, books two and three are out now.  They are titled: Up to Me and Everything for Us.  And if that’s not enough for you you can chow down on A Davenport Chirstmas, a novella and it looks like there is a fourth book but it’s been released in parts.  They are titled Always With You parts 1-3.

Also, I need to mention the cover of this book.  If you read your fair share of contemporary romance, new adult or even young adult, you might recognize the models on this cover of this book.  I stumbled upon this tidbit…apparently these models show up on a  whole slew of covers and readers have noticed.  The models on the cover are Sztella Tziotziosz and Péter/Pepe Tóth.  They are most famous for Jennifer Armentrout’s Lux series but you may find that you’ve seen them on other books you’ve read.  You can go to Goodreads and lookup the list titled “That Girl & Hot Guy from the Obsidian Cover.”  I didn’t realize just how many covers this hot duo have been on until I found this list.  At the very least, I found it interesting how the same photo has been used over and over but changed just slightly for each book.  Change the background color, change the eye color, change the color of the shirt.  It’s subtle but enough to make the photo look completely different.  Also, if you want to see more photos of Pepe Tóth, he has a Facebook page.  He’s pretty swoon-worthy…I’m just saying.  


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