Book Review: Draw Me In by Regina Cole (Sinful Skin, #1)

Draw - Cole

Draw Me In

By Regina Cole

Series: Sinful Skin, Book 1

My Rating: 1 Star

I’m always looking for new sexy, hot reads to fill my spare time.  When I saw this one on Overdrive and read the synopsis, it sounded like a great option.  I quickly downloaded it and delved into the pages of Regina Cole’s latest read.  I wasn’t familiar with her as an author so I had no expectations and I didn’t read any reviews of this book before I started.  Draw Me In, is the first book in her Sinful Skin series.


Hailey Jakes is just trying to finish her degree in graphic design.  When her parents decide to use her college fund to pay for their bitter divorce she’s forced to seek out employment to pay for school.  When she sees a sign for a receptionist at a local tattoo shop she isn’t sure if it’s the right fit for her.  But Hailey is desperate.  When she meets owner, Neill Vanderhaven, she can’t believe her luck.  He’s not only insanely hot, but he’s willing to give her a shot at the job.  As Hailey finds her place in her new job, sparks fly between her and Neill.  Desperate to keep things professional between them, they resist their feelings for one another.  But they can only resist each other for so long.  As Neill and Hailey get closer they must decide if they can break their rules for one another.  When Neill makes a terrible mistake by misunderstanding the situation everything between him and Hailey will be threatened.

My Thoughts

Sigh…..I had high hopes for this book.  I really wanted to like it.  But I just couldn’t.  I found myself getting very frustrated while reading.  There were just so many problems.  When I read the synopsis of this book it sounded like it would be a great read.  But sadly it was missing so much.  What?  Oh…well…everything.  I didn’t feel any chemistry between the characters.  I thought what connection I found between them was weak.  None of the characters spoke to me nor did their situation.  I spent most of my time reading this book wanting to not be reading it.  But I didn’t stop.  I finish every book I start….eventually.  This book had potential but it needed to have more plot development, more character development and overall polishing to bring it all together.  I really do hate giving bad book reviews because writing is hard.  But sometimes I can’t prevent it from happening. Sadly, this book failed to move me in any way in particular.  It did have a beautiful cover though and it had potential to be a great story.  Tattoo artists are always hot and enticing to readers of romance and new adult.  I’d be interested in seeing how Regina Cole expands her repertoire in the future.


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