Book Review: Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey (Cold Kiss, #1)

Cold Kiss - Garvey

Cold Kiss

By Amy Garvey

Series: Cold Kiss, Book 1

My Rating: 4 Stars

This book was beautiful and haunting and I absolutely loved it.  It was one of those books where I didn’t expect much from it other than a good read and then was blown away by the depth of feeling, pain and sadness contained within its pages.  Amy Garvey’s Cold Kiss, is a beautiful novel about love and loss and dealing with the pain that comes from losing the one you love most in the world.  It should  be a must read for everyone and it’s time this book stop being a best kept secret.  It deserve more exposure.


Wren and Danny were in deeply in love.  One sunny, summer day, they had everything, and then everything was torn from them.  Wren was left alone and mourning her beloved Danny.  But Wren has magic and she’s determined to set things right.  Her loss is so complete that Wren comes up with a plan.  The only plan there is to make the pain go away.  She must bring Danny back.  But the Danny she brings back is only a shell of the boy she knew and loved.  He’s moody, cold as stone and there is no sound from his chest when she rests her head on his chest, just empty, cold silence.  She knows she must keep Danny a secret from the world because others wouldn’t understand.  As she tries to make a life for her beloved in secret, a new boy named Gabriel DeMarnes moves to town.  Gabriel can sense the magic within Wren and he discovers her secret.  He wants to help Wren reset the balance by helping her return Danny to the ground.  As Danny grows suspicious and increasingly moody, Wren realizes that only she can make things right even if it means losing everything all over again.

My Thoughts

Wow, this book was amazing.  It was heart-breaking and absolutely devastating to experience Wren’s loss and pain and Danny’s growing confusion and unhappiness.  But what I found most fascinating about this book is how it took the experience of death for a teenager and addressed the issue from a supernatural perspective.  I love how some authors can find a way of addressing serious social issues from an entirely different perspective making it more manageable and safe for the reader yet informing and enlightening.  The authors find ways of dealing with social issues that is unique and alternative to just writing a story that is more realistic in nature.  The only other books I’ve seen do this as well as Garvey is Jackie Morse Kessler’s Rider’s of the Apocalypse series.  Garvey and Kessler both successfully address very important social issues in their books but use the ever popular supernatural plot line to deliver their message to the reader.  It’s absolutely brilliant!

There is a second book in this series but it frankly didn’t interest me.  I felt like Wren’s story started and ended with this book.  But if you are interested it’s called Glass Heart.  Despite my lack of interest in the second book, I’m glad I read Cold Kiss.  It was a book that reached down to the bottom of my heart and took hold.  I laughed and cried and then cried some more.  Be sure and grab the tissues before you sit down and devour this book.


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