Book Review: Cinder-X By Jessica Sorensen (Death Collectors, #2)

Cinder - Sorensen


By Jessica Sorensen

Series: Death Collectors, Book 2

My Rating: 3 Stars

Cinder-X is the second book in the Death Collectors series by New York Times Bestselling author, Jessica Sorensen. This series, unlike other series Ms. Sorensen has written, is a paranormal romance/fantasy series. Most readers will be familiar with the realistic new adult fiction that is typical for Jessica Sorensen. Overall, this is an entertaining read. While it’s vastly different from anything I’ve ever read by her, I’m truly enjoying this series.


When Asher Morgan walked into Ember’s life she discovered she was able to feel something other than death when she touched someone. Asher’s peaceful calm changed Ember’s life.  For the first time, Ember felt truly alive. But events have taken Asher from her and Ember is once again living in seclusion left to deal with her Grim Angel curse alone.

While desperately missing Asher, Ember must find a way to face what is happening now.  Her best friend, Raven and her brother are acting strange and they have become  absent from her life. Not understanding their extreme behavior, Ember tries to find answers on her own.  When she discovers that their strange behavior is connected to an impending battle between Angels and Reapers, Ember seeks answers to save them before it’s too late.   When Asher’s enemy, Cameron suddenly returns Ember doesn’t want to trust him but he’s all she has.  Cameron starts to wind his way into her life but Ember is reluctant to fully trust him.    Then people in her town suddenly begin dying Ember realizes that those closest to her are caught in the cross hairs and she  must find the answers before it’s too late and everything she holds dear is taken from her forever.

My Thoughts

Another entertaining read from Jessica Sorensen. I’ve read plenty of her books to know I’m going to enjoy just about anything she writes. I’m most familiar with her realistic fiction but saw she had this series and quickly added it to my to-read list. I wasn’t sure what to think about her writing this type of book but I was pleasantly surprised when I read the first book in the series.  Like Ember-X this book unfortunately has some major editing issues. There are a huge number of grammar and general sentence structure issues that should have been corrected in the editing process.  At times it reads more like a first or second draft rather than a final product. This is something I’ve been seeing more often with Ms. Sorensen’s books. It saddens me to see this because she is a truly gifted and talented writer. I’m not sure why it’s started happening but it’s very disappointing. I hope that future products will be cleaner when heading to print. If you can get past the editing issues and you enjoy paranormal romance then you will likely enjoy this book and series. I’m anxious to see how this series ends. The final book, titled Spark-X, is out now.


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