Book Review: Pleasures of the Night by Sylvia Day (Dream Guardians, #1)

Pleasures - Day

Pleasures of the Night

By Sylvia Day

Series: Dream Guardians Trilogy, Book 1

My Rating: 2 Stars

Pleasures of the Night is the first book in Sylvia Day’s Dream Guardians trilogy.  Sylvia Day is the New York Times Bestselling author who brought you the Crossfire series and countless other great reads.  She has always come highly recommended by my friends but I hadn’t previously read anything other than the Crossfire series.  I loved that series so I thought it was time to give Ms. Day some additional time in my reading schedule.  This book is fairly old, written in 2007 with the second book published the following year.  Unfortunately, Ms. Day hasn’t written the third book yet.  Fans of this series have been waiting over 6 years the final book.  From a readers standpoint, this is frustrating.


Lyssa hasn’t had a good nights sleep in what seems like forever.  Her constant feeling of sleeplessness is a complete mystery because she sleeps every night like the dead.  She doesn’t know it but the problem stems from the fact that she doesn’t dream like other people.  This prevents her from reaching the restful stage of sleep.  Lyssa thinks she is just an ordinary person who enjoys animals and running her own veterinary clinic.  She doesn’t know it but she’s special in ways she never imagined.  One night, Lyssa is visited in her dream by a sexy stranger.  There is something different about this mysterious stranger outside the door to her dream.  She is lulled by his voice and allows him into the confines of her dream.  To her surprise, he brings her calmness and restful sleep like she has never known.  As they become closer, he begins to fulfill her deepest desires and her feelings for him deepen.  The ecstasy she feels when she is in his arms is everything she wants.  If only he was real.  In her sleeping state Lyssa has everything she wants, but when she wakes, she feels an emptiness that she can’t seem to fill.

Captain Aidan Cross lives in another dimension.  A world where Guardians like him can enter the dreams of humans and protect them from nightmares.  The Guardians are searching for the one human who could close the fissure between worlds that has allowed the nightmares to terrorize humans in their sleep.  When Lyssa is discovered and her strange abilities that allow her to control her dreams and see the Guardians true faces, the Elders think they have found their human and she must be destroyed.  But Captain Cross has grown close to Lyssa and declares that he won’t let anything happen to her.  He must protect her, at any cost, even if it means betraying the Elders.  In order to protect her he knows he needs to get to her in her dimension.  He’ll risk everything to save her.

My Thoughts

I picked up this book at Barnes and Noble.  Yes, it was in the bargain bin, but the cover made it sound vaguely interesting.  The fact that it was so short should have probably set off some alarms but it didn’t.  Probably because I try not to judge a book by it’s cover unless I’m leaning towards positive judgement.  I really wanted to like this book and I truly thought I would based on my past experience with Sylvia Day.  The basic plot was interesting and the characters were all good.  But that’s where the great things about this book stopped.  It was almost as if it was half developed.  The plot has many glaring holes and seemed to skim over necessary details.  Ms. Day failed to complete her worldbuilding that is necessary for a book like this.  I think that if this had been more fully completed what the characters lacked would have been less noticeable.  At times it felt like the book was merely a group of scenes involving the same people and put together in some sort of chronological order without every really connecting the scenes.  It was awkward and frustrating to read.  I hate to give bad reviews but I can’t help it in this case.  I know what Sylvia Day is capable of writing and this was quite subpar for what I’ve come to expect from such an experienced and prolific writer.  If you are new to Sylvia Day’s writing and are looking for a series to start with, try the Crossfire series.  It is by far the best series I know of by her and it was very well written.


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