Book Review: A Beautiful Wedding by Jamie McGuire (Beautiful, #2.5)

Wedding - McGuire

A Beautiful Wedding

By Jamie McGuire

Series: Beautiful, Book 2.5

My Rating: 4 Stars

If you haven’t read Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster or Walking Disaster you are missing out, they are a definite must read if you are a fan of romance and new adult fiction.  A Beautiful Wedding is book 2.5 in McGuire’s Beautiful series.  You absolutely must read at least one of the first two books for this book to make sense as it fills in gaps left from the first two books.  The first two books are essential in understanding Abby and Travis and the events that happened leading up to this book.   I thoroughly enjoyed this book, but I should admit, I had a soft spot for this book before I even opened the cover because Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster are two of my all time favorite reads.  I recommend this series over and over to anyone new to the new adult and contemporary romance genres.


Abby and Travis have been through so much together.  But they have finally admitted their true feelings for one another.  After they are faced with the fear of losing one another, Abby proposes out of the blue.  Fearing she might withdraw the offer, Travis whisks her off to Vegas to get married.  While Abby and Travis secretly head off to Vegas to elope,  their family and friends have no idea what they are about to do.  This is the story of their wedding day.  It will answer all the burning questions that fans of Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster had when they read the books for the first, second and perhaps, a third time.  Hold on tight, Abby and Travis’ wedding day and nights events are about to be revealed.

My Thoughts

Yeah, I loved this book.  I’ll most definitely read it again.  This is one of the few new adult series that I’ve checked out from the library and then bought the e-books so I can re-read to my hearts content.  I love everything about Abby and Travis’ story.  I love how they are hot-headed and stubborn.  I love that they are dysfunctional and at times the worst possible matches for each other.  But I love how they make it work, that it’s perfect for them.

I’m grateful that McGuire, went back and filled in the details of Abby and Travis’ wedding.  While I would prefer this type of detail not be left out of the book the first time around, I’m grateful when an author goes back and fills in the gaps.  I understand why McGuire initially left it out however.  It wasn’t meant to be the focus of the book and a wedding could easily steal the thunder from other more important events in the book. This book successfully fills in the details of the missing wedding but also adds more to Abby and Travis’ story by adding depth and complexity to the seemingly spur-of-the-moment decision Abby made to get married.   There was clearly more going on than the reader knew about.  These added details and added complexity made Abby and Travis’ story that much more complicated and enticing to the reader.    Great work Ms. McGuire.  I continue to adore your stories.


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