Book Review: Pulse by Gail McHugh (Collide, #2)

Pulse - McHugh


By Gail McHugh

Series: Collide, Book 2

My Rating: 4 Stars

Pulse is the sequel to Gail McHugh’s New York Times Bestselling book Collide.  Fans of Collide will want to get this book so they can see what happens for Emily and Gavin.  I loved Collide.  It’s one of the best love stories I’ve ever read.  I couldn’t put it down and have read it a second time since I first picked it up.  I know I’ll be rereading it again sometime in the near future.  Gail McHugh has written a love story that is romantic, heart-breaking and filled with loss, hope, betrayal and redemption.  Frankly it has everything you want in a great story.


Emily Cooper has finally found her strength to go after what her heart wants.  She is breaking the cycle of abuse and seizing the dreams she has longed for since the day she met Gavin Blake.  But Emily fears it may be too late because she knows she’s hurt Gavin deeply.  She only hopes she can bring him back from the edge.  Only time will tell if she’s lost Gavin forever or if their love for one another will be strong enough to survive this storm.

Gavin, wants nothing more than to forget the woman who broke his heart.  But withdrawing from society and fleeing the city he calls home does nothing to help his wounded heart.  He’s tried drowning himself in alcohol and women but nothing works.  Until the day Emily shows up at his door.  Will his heart be able to forgive the damage she has wrought on him?  Will Emily be strong enough for both her and Gavin for them to have a future together?  Will their pasts continue to haunt them and control their lives? Or will life finally give them the break they both, so desperately, need and want?

My Thoughts

An excellent and satisfying end to Emily and Gavin’s love story.  I’m fairly certain I sighed at the end of this book.  You know, that wistful, longing type of sigh that only comes from pure and total satisfaction?  Yep that was me.  Gail McHugh will forever be one of my favorite authors because she gave me Gavin and Emily.  Their story inspires and gives hope to those looking for the strength to do what their heart dreams and longs for.

This book only further solidified my love for Gavin Blake.  He’s definitely one of the best book boyfriends I’ve ever encountered.  The realness of his character and how down-to-earth he is about everything makes him very appealing and very difficult to not like.  What I loved most about him in Pulse is that McHugh shows his vulnerable side.  He doesn’t always have the answers and he isn’t the uber-confident alpha male you find in many contemporary romance or new adult.  In fact, when it comes to Emily he’s so unsure and desperate.  He fumbles around trying to find his way, hoping it will lead him to what he desires most.  To him nothing is more important than Emily but he’s scared of being hurt again and desperately so.  But despite all his struggles, he always steps up to the plate.  He doesn’t let his fears control his life.  Yes, he has to work at it, but ultimately he’s able to overcome and take a chance at happiness again.

Overall, a great ending to this series.  I’m sorry to have to say goodbye to Emily and Gavin and all of Olivia’s nicknames for Dillon.  But I’m thankful that whenever I want to experience them again they are just one read away.  That’s the great thing with books, you can keep coming back to them over and over again and experience them all over again.  If you are a helpless romantic, checkout these books.  I think you’ll find them immensely satisfying.


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