Deceiving Lies by Molly McAdams (Forgiving Lies, #2)

Deceiving - McAdams Deceiving Lies

By Molly McAdams

Series: Forgiving Lies, Book 2

My Rating: 4 Stars

Deceiving Lies is the climactic sequel to Molly McAdams Forgiving Lies.  If you read, Forgiving Lies you will know the book had a cliff-hanger ending and it didn’t leave the reader much choice but to go out and pickup the second book as quickly as possible.  You just have to know what happens.  Deceiving Lies brings you all the answers you are desperately seeking.


Rachel and Kash have weathered the storm of his deceit and her attack.  They want nothing more than to start their life together in Florida.  A wedding is in their future and they hope to spend their time together enjoying their new found happiness and moving forward.  But an unseen threat is lurking in the shadows waiting for them and it’s drawing ever closer.

Kash has done his time at his job and he wants nothing more than to start his life with Rachel.  He knows, all to well, that life is precious and short.  That’s why he’s so eager to start living his life and creating a family with Rachel.  But his past while he was involved with the undercover narcotics team has created enemies that want revenge on Kash.  These enemies will use everything Kash holds dear to exact their revenge and Kash will have to throw caution to the wind if he’s going to protect Rachel from these enemies and his past.

Trent Cruz has been given one order.  Take the girl.  But there is something about her that intrigues him.  He can’t seem to stay away from her and slowly his mission changes to protect the girl.  Trent has never been the type of guy that people would consider good.  But Rachel seems to bring out a part of him he never imagined to exist.  When Rachel’s time runs out, Trent will do everything in his power to get her out alive.  And maybe, just maybe, he’ll get out alive too and will find a future he never dreamed possible.

My Thoughts

The first time I read this book, I liked the second book more than the first.  The second time around I enjoyed them both equally.  I’m not sure why.  In a different mind set maybe.  Who knows.

These books are quirky.  Let me explain.  Generally when you get a series of romance books they are either about the same two people the whole way through or one book is about two people, then the next book is about a second set of people, generally family members or friends of the first couple.  With these two books, the first book is about Rachel and Kash, and while the second is still about them, a second male character is introduced who interacts only with the female lead so it’s not really the typical love triangle.  It puts the reader is a very uncomfortable position because you like Kash and you want him to succeed in finding Rachel, but as you read further and further into the story you find out that Trent is actually a pretty decent guy and you want him to be happy.  But he wants to be happy with Rachel and well, that just can’t be because Rachel is supposed to be with Kash.  Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!  It’s so frustrating.  Why would you do this to us Ms. McAdams?  Do you live to torment your readers?  You do such cruel things to us when we read your books.  But you give us great reads so we keep coming back for more and more, over and over again.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and this series.  There is a 2.5 book in this series that I definitely need to checkout and the second book in the Taking Chances series will give you a bit more insight into the future for Rachel and Kash.  I haven’t read it yet, but am very eager.  If you are a big fan of romance and new adult, you should definitely checkout this series.  You’ll find it to me more than a bit entertaining and you’ll be left with the memory of some truly great characters.  I can only hope that in the future Ms. McAdams will give us more where Trent and Mason are concerned.  You need to write their stories Ms. McAdams.  I’m certain your fans would love them…hint…hint.


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