Book Review: Tangled by Emma Chase (Tangled, #1)

Tangled - Chase


By Emma Chase

Series: Tangled, Book 1

My Rating: 4 Stars

OH MY GOD, this book was laugh out loud hilarious. Drew Evans is by far my favorite leading male character of all time. He’s ambitious, charming, ridiculously confident in himself and his opinions and reactions will have you rolling with laughter time after time. Emma Chase has written a satisfyingly epic tale about a charmingly, comical man and a strong opinionated woman who will not be falling for a man’s charm.


Drew Evans knows how to broker multi-million dollar deals with some of the most influential and wealthy business men and women in the world. He can also charm the most beautiful women on the planet with just a smile and a wink. So, when he meets the beautiful, Katherine Brooks, he knows he must have her. He’s distracted beyond belief by his need to have her. Forced to work with her, she drives him crazy with her drive to succeed and propel forward in her career. And her unfailing ability to withstand his charm is causing him to lose all control of his well-structured and successful life.

My Thoughts

This is not your usual romance read. It’s epically funny. Told from the unique perspective of the lead male character, the reader gets an insightful look into the mind and perspective of the male brain. You can’t help but fall for the charm of Drew Evans. He’s sure to be one of your all time favorite male lead characters. I couldn’t get enough of his inner monologue. Kate Brooks really does a number on him and the reader is going to love every single second of it. This book had me rolling with laughter and I simply couldn’t put it down. I read it in almost entirely one sitting and then quickly picked up the second book so I could get more of Drew and Kate. So go pickup this book so you can be entranced by the charm of Drew Evans and the tenacious Kate Brooks.


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