Book Review: Unraveling You by Jessica Sorensen (Unraveling You, #1)

Unraveling - Sorensen

Unraveling You

By Jessica Sorensen

Series: Unraveling You, Book 1

My Rating: 4 Stars

If you read a lot of books from the new adult genre, you are likely going to be familiar with Jessica Sorensen.  If you aren’t familiar with her then I hope this will convince you to checkout some of her books.  I love Jessica Sorensen.  I’ve enjoyed all of her books.  She is a staple in the new adult genre and a must read.  You won’t be able to start with this book, even though it’s the first book in the series, because it’s going to give away the outcome of some of her other characters in another series she writes.  But trust me, if you start reading her and you like her, you’ll likely end up reading this book in the very near future.


Lyric Scott is a happy 16 year old.  She’s had a good life and hasn’t really wanted for anything.  She’s always been protected from the hardships of the world.  Her consistently positive attitude makes her popular among her classmates and envied by those around her.  When she meets Ayden Gregory, Lyric sees, for the first time, that not everyone has had as easy of a life as she has.  Ayden intrigues her but he’s quiet and reserved and nothing like anyone she’s ever met before.  Lyric decides that Ayden and her will be friends.  But it’s going to take everything Lyric has to make Ayden come out of his carefully built shell.

Ayden’s life has been anything but easy.  Coming from an extremely broken home and having been betrayed by the one person who should have protected him he has built up walls to keep everyone and everything out.  The violence of his past was so traumatic that Ayden can’t remember what happened.  All he knows is that he’s been separated from his brother and sister and he would do anything to have them back together.  Because of the horrors of his past, Ayden has survived by keeping everyone at arms length, never allowing himself to get too close since he knows he’ll likely be moving on soon.  But then Lyric Scott pushes her way into his carefully constructed life and she cleverly and adamantly breaks down and obliterates all his walls, leaving him exposed and vulnerable.

As Ayden and Lyric become friends and then develop deeper feelings for one another, Ayden’s past will come rushing back into his life making their new found attraction become a dangerous path for them both.

My Thoughts

I love Jessica Sorensen’s books.  In total, I’ve read 12 of her books and I have 19 more on my “to read” list.  I’ve read more of her books than any other author.  That said, I’m confused as to the shortness of the last few books I’ve read.  It’s almost like she’s gone from putting out full length books to publishing in serial format.  The first book I read “The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden” is probably one of my favorite books of all time.  It was heartbreaking and romantic like no book I had read before but it was longer than the books I’ve been reading lately by Sorensen.  The second book in the series was over 400 pages.  But this book was only a little over 200 pages and it felt like it ended rather abruptly.  That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it, I was just a bit confused about it.

One of the great things I love about Jessica Sorensen is that she can do gut-wrenching like few authors I’ve read.  The back stories of Callie and Kayden were heart-breaking and you couldn’t help but hope they found happiness in the end.   To this day it makes me want cry just thinking about them.  But they aren’t the only characters of Sorensen’s that I became attached to.  I’ve pretty much gotten attached to most of her characters.  Sorensen’s characters and their plight are sure to stay with you long after you’ve finished reading their stories.  And the great thing about Jessica Sorensen is that you may just run into your favorite characters in another series.  Clearly Ms. Sorensen has a difficult time letting go of her characters just as much as her readers.  For that I am completely and utterly grateful.   SPOILER ALERT: DON’T READ THE NEXT SENTENCE IF YOU HAVEN’T READ HER OTHER SERIES!!!  Take Unraveling You, the characters in here are the children of Ella and Micha and Lila and Ethan.  If you’ve read Sorensen’s The Secret series, you’ll remember these characters.

I love Lyric and Ayden.  They are great characters.  Lyric has such a positive outlook on life having lived a very protected life.  It’s a great contrast to knowing what her parents went through as teens and early adults.  I love that Ella and Micha have grown into successful and responsible adults (well mostly).  And for Ayden, I can totally see Lila and Ethan ending up  adopting a bunch of misfit kids.  But for all the responsibility that Ella, Micha, Lila and Ethan have learned, they still don’t have all the answers.  I loved the scene with Ethan and Micha when Lyric and Ayden get caught drinking.  I laughed so hard at Ethan and Micha’s conversation about punishment.  It’s just a little bit of the old Ethan and Micha poking through for the readers enjoyment.

Overall, this was a great start to a new Jessica Sorensen series.  I’m eager to read the next books in this series and see where the characters go.  Sorensen has setup the storyline in a way that I know there is going to be a great deal more pain before the end of the series and before these characters find resolution.  I gave this book 4 stars because of a good plot and more great characters.  But I will warn you that this book was full of typing errors and mistakes that should have been caught in the edit and re-write phase.  I hope the next books have been edited a bit more than this book.  Frankly this book read more like an arc than a final product.  Still, the story will likely keep you attached and you should be able to look past the editing mishaps and enjoy the story.


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