Book Review: Lost to You by A.L. Jackson (Take this Regret, #.5)

Lost to You - Jackson

Lost to You

By A.L. Jackson

Series: Take This Regret, Book .5

My Rating: 3 stars

Lost to You is the prequel novella to A.L. Jackson’s Take this Regret.  This book takes you back to the very beginning for Christian and Elizabeth.  Jackson tells the story of their coming together.  Their first meeting and what their first impressions were.  As they spend more time together we learn of their struggle in coming together as a couple.  We get to see them before they are broken, when they are full of life and all the possibilities for their future both as individuals and as a couple.

I’m going to be honest here, while Goodreads says you don’t have to have read Take this Regret before reading this, I think it would help.  By reading the first book before you read the prequel you learn about their pain, their anger and ultimately, the choices that broke them as individuals and as a couple.  Their pain is a presence in Take this Regret.  It’s palpable and unforgiving.  I believe it will behoove the reader to have knowledge of this pain before reading the prequel.  I made the mistake of reading the prequel before I read Take this Regret and I didn’t feel like I connected with the characters the way I should have when reading this.   Lost to You will still make sense if you choose to read it before Take this Regret, you may just feel like something is missing; some investment that should have been establish already.  Lost to you  simply isn’t long enough for you to become totally invested in the characters.   I would have felt more connected to the characters and thus would have been move invested in the events taking place within the story.  But I didn’t know this until I actually read Take this Regret and then thought back to this novella.  Suddenly, the prequel made total sense to me.

Ultimately, this is a great read if you are planning to read the other two books.  I loved this series and have since read it one additional time.  I’ve even recommended it to others and purchased the series for my library.  They are emotionally charged, heartbreaking, bittersweet, complex, and yes, romantic.  Everything you could ask for in an adult romance.  A.L. Jackson doesn’t disappoint with this series.


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