Book Review: Stealing Harper by Molly McAdams (Taking Chances #1.5)

Stealing Harper - McAdams

Stealing Harper

By Molly McAdams

Series: Taking Chances, 1.5

My Rating: 4 Stars

Ms McAdams, Why??? Why did you do this to us again? Why???? I knew before going into this book how it would end, how it could only end one way, but I hoped, with everything I was that it didn’t have to. I didn’t want it to. It was just as devastating the second time around as it was the first time around. Ok…I’ve gotten that out of my system…where to start with this book reivew…Ok, I’ll start with the basics. Stealing Harper is book 1.5 in the Taking Chances series by Molly McAdams. It’s certainly not a stand-alone book. While you don’t have to read the first book to understand this one, you will have a greater understanding of the events taking place if you read the first book. But I would suggest you give yourself some time to absorb the first book and to accept it before you move onto this one. If you haven’t read any reviews for the first book, Taking Chances, you should read at least one. Mine can be found here: After reading at least one review you are going to know that something horrific happens and since the second book is a retelling from Chace’s perspective you know right off you won’t be able to avoid the tragedy. But it’s still worth the read if you can handle the devastation again. I, personally, had to wait several months before I tackled it and even then it was still hard. This book will fill in some gaps from the first book giving the reader a fuller picture of what was happening with all the characters.

My Thoughts

When I read Taking Chances I had no idea what I was getting myself into. When it all fell apart for the characters, I wasn’t sure I could finish the book, but I persevered and was glad I did at the end. It’s one of those books that still haunts me during my quiet times. The kind that I still think about, still feel, still react to. At the time when I was reading it, I was listening to OAR’s Peace all the time and that song became my anthem for Taking Chances. When I finally had the courage to pick up Stealing Harper, OAR’s Peace continued to be the song that represented these books. The characters are so tormented in these books and the tragedies that befall them is heartbreaking, shocking and almost unbearable. They deserve happiness despite their faults and as the reader, you can’t help but keep hoping and praying for them. That’s why that song seemed so perfect for the books and the characters. Still, when I listen to that song, I think of these books and hurt all over again. But all that said, I loved these books.   They gave me everything I want in a good read. Everything I need for a book to stay with me and have a profound effect on me.

These books are considered New Adult books and are likely considered romance, but I think they will appeal to a much greater audience. Don’t write them off just because of their common categorizations.

Lastly, if you want more from Molly McAdams you are in luck. There is a third book in the Taking Chances series which is out now titled Trusting Liam. But before you read that book, go and read the Forgiving Lies series. You don’t necessarily have to from what I understand, but you’ll get the backstory for the lead female character in Trusting Liam in that series. To get the backstory for Liam you just have to read the first two books in the Taking Chances series. It’s confusing but once you read them you’ll understand. I love that Ms. McAdams has connected all her books in this manner. It fulfills the readers needs to see how everyone is doing later while giving us a whole new book to devour.

So, go check out this series. If you want a great read with real emotion, I think you’ll enjoy this one…just have a box of tissues close and read it in a private, quiet place. Cheers!


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