Book Review: Until Fountain Bridge by Samantha Young (On Dublin Street, #1.5)

Fountain - Young

Until Fountain Bridge

By Samantha Young

Series: On Dublin Street, Book 1.5

My Rating: 4 Stars

Until Fountain Bridge is a novella by Samantha Young and is considered book 1.5 in the On Dublin Street series.  It chronicles Ellie and Adam’s story.  Told through a series of flashbacks from Ellie’s diary over the course of her life it tells the story of how Ellie felt about Adam and how he came so close to losing everything he cherished the most.  As Ellie and Adam walk through their past, they discover that their lives have always been entwined and their destiny was set long before either of them knew it.

My Thoughts

I was happy to see that Ellie and Adam’s story was told.  It’s the only couple that doesn’t get their own book in this series.  And while I loved reading about their past and how they fought being together and fought staying away from each other, I wished there was so much more too it.  Sadly a novella wasn’t enough for me for this couple.  But so much of their story is told through other books, I can completely understand by Ms. Young went this route for them.

One thing, I’ve come to see about Ms. Young is that she puts forth so much effort in her novellas.  They always keep with the tone and feel of her full length novels.  Because of this, I highly recommend reading the novellas along with the novels in this series.  Often novellas are a disappointment but not with this series.

I continue to love this series.  The characters are real and their paths are intricately connected to everyone else throughout the series.  And no characters are forgotten.  All the past characters appear in later novels which is great for readers.  It’s so hard to give up great characters and since Ms. Young keeps giving you additional details in subsequent novels, the reader is even more satisfied at the end of each new book.

Though these are considered romance novels, I highly recommend them to any reader who just likes great stories and great characters.  Ultimately this series is about family and friendship.  What more could you want in a great book or series?  Check them out.  They just might surprise you.


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