Book Review: Take This Regret by A.L. Jackson (Take This Regret, #1)

Take This Regret_new.indd

Take this Regret

By A.L. Jackson

Series: Take this Regret, #1

My Rating: 4 Stars

I purchased this ebook on a whim thinking it sounded pretty good.  I hadn’t read anything by A.L. Jackson, so I didn’t really know what to expect.  Then I’ll admit, I kind of forgot about it until one day I was out and had some time to kill but no book to read (this is a rare occurrence but it does happen from time to time).  That’s when I pulled out my phone and was looking through the books I had saved on it.  I saw this book and thought I’d just start reading it.  I didn’t even remember what it was about.  But once I started reading, I couldn’t put this book down.  It was so completely consuming, I’m certain I was late for wherever I needed to be after I started reading.  This book was heartbreaking and completely beautiful in every way.


Christian Davison has been living with the biggest regret of his life for the last five years.  Not a day has gone by that he doesn’t think about his betrayal toward Elizabeth Ayers.  He’s longed to reach out and find her but he’s never let himself actually do it.  Then one day, a twist of fate, brings him face to face with his past and suddenly, his past becomes his future.  He can’t stay away when he finds Elizabeth.  He has to be in her life and in their child’s life.  But Christian knows he has hurt Elizabeth so completely she may never be able to forgive him for abandoning her when she needed him most and for everyday he’s left her alone since.  But he’s going to do anything and everything he can to be a part of Elizabeth and Lizzie’s life, no matter how hard it is or how long it takes, he’s going to be there for them.  And he’s going to do anything he can to make them his family.

Elizabeth Ayers, loved Christian Davison completely and believed in him in ways his family never did.  But just when she needed him most, he betrayed her in the worst possible way.  She’s spent the last five years struggling to make a safe and happy home for her daughter.  And she’s vowed to never let Lizzie feel the pain Elizabeth had to endure.  This means keeping Lizzie out of Christian’s life forever.  But when Christian pushes his ways into their lives, Elizabeth must decide if she can trust Christian to be around Lizzie.  He seems determined to have her in his life but Elizabeth is certain he’s going to walk away like he did before.  Elizabeth is determined to keep Lizzie safe, no matter what the cost.  But will that cost them all their happiness?

My Thoughts

This book was heartbreaking.  There was so much pain and suffering for the characters.  The pain of heartbreak, the suffering caused by loss, the distrust caused by betrayal, the struggle of forgiveness, and the fear of wanting happiness and getting it.  All of these things are in this book.  I’ll admit, I read this book last year and since then I’m reading it again and finally writing this review.  And I’m likely going to read it again in the future.  It’s all about trusting when you’ve been hurt.  Taking a chance and risking it all to find the happiness you’ve always wanted.  I loved this book.  After reading it, I went onto Goodreads to see what else A.L Jackson has written.  I’ve since read two more of her books and added at least four more books she’s written to my to read list.  I would definitely recommend this book for anyone looking for a story about love, loss and forgiveness.


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