Random Suggestions

I read a lot.  I should clarify; I read a lot of books and a lot of different types of books.  As a librarian I try to move around between genres, getting a tasting of a wide variety so I can better serve my customers.  Yes, I have my favorite areas where I tend to indulge but I try to keep an open mind and not get stuck in just one area for too long.  I don’t necessarily read the books on the bestseller lists but I do pay attention to what’s on them.  I spend a great deal of time on Goodreads, reading book reviews in magazines and catalogs.  Combing the Barnes and Noble and Amazon websites for book suggestions and paying attention to what my friends and coworkers are reading.  Since I do all of the ordering for my three libraries I come across a wide variety of books.  I subscribe to a plethora of newsletters for publishers, book vendors and various blogs and I even read through the book recommendations in magazines like Justine, Entertainment Weekly, The Parade Magazine Sunday insert, and the weekly Target and Walmart ads.   Every book I read gets a review…eventually.  In fact, I’ve reviewed enough books for editors and publishers to take notice and ask me to review a book here and there.  It’s fun and I enjoy it.  Good thing too since it’s all part of my job.  Generally most recommendations that come my way are good suggestions either for me to read personally or to buy for one of my libraries.  But sometimes those suggestions appear to be so far off that it gives me a good laugh.  I tend to share those with my coworkers.

This week this one of my recommendations based on having just read Death and the Girl Next Door by Darynda Jones.  If you don’t know of her, you may want to check her out if you liked the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris.  Jones’, Charley Davison series is very popular and the 8th book, 8th Grave After Dark , was just released.  Anyways, I read her young adult”Darklight” series, which starts with Death and the Girl Next Door.  Goodreads saw I read this book and recommended this title:


Naked Werewolf - Harper

An interesting pick…not sure why it was picked for me though.  If we are completely judging a book by it’s cover, this is a book I would never pickup…ever.  As I sat looking at the recommendation I couldn’t help but ponder the meaning of the title and all the implications that went along with it.  If one is an adult, they should already know how to run.  So, would one really need additional instruction on how to run with a werewolf, naked or otherwise?  Secondly, aren’t most werewolves naked while in werewolf form?  I mean, do they go around wearing their clothing?  Doesn’t it usually rip off them in some epically dramatic and erotic fashion?

Let’s think back on our past experience with werewolves in book and film…Twilight…I remember distinctly that Jacob ties his clothes to his ankle so that he has something to wear before he wolfs out or else he’s going to be sporting the nearest tree branch when he’s back in human form.  And I believe there is mention about all the clothes he ruins by wolfing out because of high emotions.  So, conclusion: naked.  In Andrea Cremer’s Nighshade series her wolves change with clothes on and then change back still wearing clothes.  But when they are wolves they aren’t sporting their latest buy from The Gap.  Conclusion: naked wolves.  And though I haven’t seen it in a really long time, I’m pretty certain that David in an American Werewolf in London rips all his clothes off during his grotesque change from human to wolf.  At the very least, I do remember that he wakes up stark naked in the park after his long night of terrorizing the town.

Oh wait…wait…hold up…I do remember two examples of werewolves that were clothed after their transformation…Benicio Del Toro in Wolfman (he was hot in this movie by the way) and, how could we forget, Michael Jackson at the beginning of the Thriller video.  I stand, completely corrected.  But still, I have to ask again, do we have to run differently when a werewolf is naked vs when he is clothed?  I don’t recall anyone fleeing in terror in a different fashion from their normal running gait.  Something to think about…or something for me to think about I suppose though I’m not sure why I’m continuing to think so long and hard about this.  These are just the places my mind tends to wander when left to…well, wander.

Anyways, back to my recommendation this week.  When I looked at this book on Goodreads, I discovered it’s number three in a series.  Yes, this means I had to see what the rest of the series was about.  Surely it wasn’t going to disappoint me….And I would be correct…I give you books one and two of Molly Harper’s Naked Werewolf series…yes, you read that right, Naked Werewolf  series…
Flirt Naked - Harper Seduce Naked - Harper








I’m telling you, we are going to learn how to do so much with naked werewolves after reading this series.  How can we not rush out and read these?  Seriously, though, I’m not judging.  I’ve read some…interesting…books in the past few years.  Reading is reading, no matter what you are reading.  And yes, I honestly do believe that.  Some books just appeal to some people on a greater level.  That doesn’t make the ones they don’t like any better or worse….but this is a conversation for another time.

Getting back to books one and two or Harper’s series.  I’ll be honest, these covers actually interest me.  Why did you change your covers for book three Ms. Harper?  The covers on the first two books were cute and sassy.  They presented these books as being playful, light and completely perfect for a beach read or a plane ride.  Book three was more sexualized and far less interesting.

Clearly I liked these covers and so, like any person who judges books by their covers first my intrigue made me want to see what these books were all about.  Much to my surprise I discovered that these books take place in the fictional town of Grundy, Alaska.  Yes, Alaska, my home state.  And Grundy just so happens to be the last name of my second grade teacher.  My favorite teacher of all time.  Now tell me, how can I not add these to my “to read” list?  I have to read them now.  At least the first book. Bah, who am I kidding, I’m totally going to read the whole series and then I’m going to write reviews of them.  I know, you’re thrilled right?  You can’t wait.  It will be the highlight of your day when these reviews come your way.  Hey, don’t judge, you may just like them.

So, the lesson to be learned from this whole experience:  Even librarians judge books by their covers and Goodreads may just know more about my reading habits than I care to admit.


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