Book Review: Down London Road by Samantha Young (On Dublin Street, #2)

London - Young

Down London Road

By Samantha Young

Series: On Dublin Street, Book 2

My Rating: 4 Stars

Down London Road is the continuation of Samantha Young’s On Dublin Street series.  It’s a solid second book and romance and new adult readers are sure to love it.  Again, this book was recommended to me and I’m so glad because I’m really loving this series.  The characters are so full of spunk, life and and complication.  The women are feisty, broken but stronger than they imagine, and then men are hunky, brooding and well, Scottish.  Yeah, you gotta love that!


Johanna has been acting as the responsible adult, raising her younger brother Cole for years.  With their father absent and their mother useless, Johanna, makes decisions based on what is best for her brother and not what’s best for her.  She dates based on what the man can give her and Cole, not by how and what they make her feel.  But then she meets Cameron MacCabe; the total opposite of what she usually dates.  He pushes every button she has but he makes her feel things she’s never felt before and the more time she spends around him the harder it is to deny her feelings toward him.  But it seems that Cam may also have feelings toward Jo that he too can’t seem to hide.  As Jo and Cam try to deny their feelings for each other the tension builds.  When Cam moves into the flat below Jo, they can’t hide their feelings or deny them any longer.  And when Cam and Jo finally face their feelings, they’ll be forced to also face their demons and secrets leaving them completely bared for the other to see.  It will either make them or ruin them.

My Thoughts

I’m really loving Samantha Young.  These books are addicting.  I’m certain I’m going to fly through all four books that I have right now and I’m bound to head out and purchase the fifth book for my library as soon as I have some money to spend.  I only hope I can wait that long…if not, I’ll just have to buy my own copy.  These books have just the right amount of everything in them.  They are emotional, humorous, flirtatious, sexy, and contain great characters.  Young has done a great job developing her characters.  They are complex and well rounded.  I love how she’s able to give them the necessary depth to keep the reader engrossed and the plot moving forward naturally.  Since this was only the second book in the series, I only have two books to compare, but what I discovered was that she was able to introduce her characters in such a way that you learn just enough to keep the character interesting and to give them some depth until you can move on to the book about them.  For example, Jo is introduced in book one and while the first book isn’t about her, she shows up enough to make you want to know more about her.  Which you get with book two.  I love this.  I love when authors can get you hooked to a character far before their book comes out.

The other thing I love about these books is that Young is able to continue the stories of past characters after their book has ended.  So for those of you that wanted more of Joss and Braden, don’t worry, you get more of them in this book.  It’s a great way to propel a series forward that doesn’t have four books about the same characters but keeps readers hooked by giving them just enough to hold onto their love of previous characters.

Overall, this has been a great series so far.  I’m excited for the next books.  And I’m certain I’ll be keeping watch for more books by Samantha Young.


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