Book Review: On Dublin Street by Samantha Young (On Dublin Street, #1)  Complete

On Dublin Street

By Samantha Young

Series: On Dublin Street, Book 1

My Rating: 4 Stars

I’d never heard of Samantha Young until a good friend recommended her On Dublin Street series to me.  And I’m so thankful she did because these books rocked.  I think Samantha Young may be one of my new favorite authors.  Not only are her books great reads, but the characters are interesting and complicated.  The plots of each book are unique but still manage to keep all the books tied together and by the end you feel like you are part of this great group of friends and family.  Frankly, it was hard to say goodbye to these characters and their lives.  I may just have to reread them so I can hang out with these people again.    The last great thing about these books is their location.  They all take place in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Need I say more?  Come on…the male characters are sexy and sporting that lovely Scottish accent…yeah…it’s pretty hot.  You just can’t help but become addicted to them…the books not the men.


Four years ago Jocelyn Butler left America bound for Scotland.  Her goal: forget the past and build a new life for herself.  She lost everything but she’s moved past that now.  She lives for solely for today, she’s buried all the pain from her past and ignores all her inner demons.  She doesn’t believe in attachments of any kind.  They bring unnecessary complication to life and ultimately, pain.  This life is working for Joss but then she’s forced to find a new apartment when her friend moves.  She answers and ad for a roommate for an apartment on Dublin Street and the place is perfect.  Joss quickly snatches it up happy with her decision.  Her roommate is a bit more friendly than she is used to but nothing she can handle.  What Joss doesn’t know is that her roommate comes along with a brother who is determined to bury himself deep in her psyche and shatter all the carefully built walls Joss has erected over the years.

Braden Carmichael is THE serial dater.  He’s sexy, rich, and irresistible at least to most women.  Then he meets Jocelyn Butler.  A chance meeting in a cab and then at his little sister’s apartment throw them together unexpectedly.  He wants Jocelyn but she’s proving to be more of a challenge than he ever expected.  Jocelyn doesn’t do relationships.  But he knows there is passion there he just has to make her see it.  So he proposes an “arrangement” that has no strings attached.  Jocelyn accepts.  Unfortunately, Jocelyn is finding that “arrangements” that appear to have no strings actually do and that’s a problem, a big problem.  But walking away from Braden won’t be as easy as Jocelyn thinks because Braden is a very stubborn Scotsman who knows exactly what buttons to push to get her riled up and he’s not going to give up that easily.

My Thoughts

A great start to a new series!  And proof that Samantha Young is a great new find.  I’m definitely buying these books for my library and I’ll be recommending them to all my friends who read contemporary romance.  I loved the characters and their complicated pasts. The were troubled but dealing with their lives in the only way they knew how but then along comes someone or something to challenge them in ways they didn’t want or expect.  It made for a great read.  I loved how the plot moved forward and felt like it was both realistic, honest, and moving.  There was consistency and it melded well with the characters and their decisions.

So, I loved the plot and the characters, but there is one thing about the characters that I loved the most and I really must bring it up in this review because it’s such a big part of the book and I suspect the series…this book takes please in Scotland which means the men in this book are Scottish.  And that means the sexiest Scottish men on the planet.  Whoohoo!!  Come on, you can’t not talk about the men who appear in this book.  I’m truly excited to read the rest of this series so I can get my complete and total fill of the sexy male Scots that show up in this series.  These books would have been delicious reads to begin with but being set in Edinburgh, Scotland just brings that extra bit of oomph to really get your heart racing. And the great thing is that there are five more books and numerous novellas to keep the reader satisfied.  Woohoo!!


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