Book Review: The Hoarder in You by Dr. Robin Zasio

Hoarder - Zasio

The Hoarder in You: How to Live a Happier, Healthier, Uncluttered Life

By Dr. Robin Zasio

My Rating: 4 Stars

Some of you may recognize the author of this book, Dr. Robin Zasio, as the therapist on A&E Network’s TV show Hoarders.  And you may think that this book is not for you, but what you might be surprised by is that Dr. Zasio states that most people suffer from some sort of hoarding tendencies.  For most it’s completely controllable and doesn’t interfere in the persons daily life or well being.  Of course, as the show Hoarders shows us, some people are seriously affected by their hoarding tendencies and require some sort of intervention in order to gain control of it.  Even if you think you don’t need to read this book, I suggest you take a chance and check it out.  You might find it to be very useful in helping you part with certain things that you know you should have parted with years ago but for some odd reason still cling too.

This book starts out by defining hoarding and describing some of the more serious cases she has encountered.  She talks about the emotion effects of hoarding and how emotion plays a large part in hoarding tendencies.  From there Dr. Zasio goes on to provide useful advice on how to tame your hoard, no matter how small or large.  She offers up solutions and advice on breaking through the issues you may have in dealing with your hoard or your desire to continuously acquire.  She provides expert advice on making order out of chaos and she answers questions that most people have on organization and how long or why a person should keep certain things.

My Thoughts

I found this book to be so useful in my life.  People have been telling me for years that I have a book hoarding problem.  Clearly that could easily happen since I’m a librarian and I love to read.  But I always claimed that I wasn’t really a hoarder, I just liked having lots of books surrounding me because they made me feel happy and secure.  After reading this book, I found that I was actually hoarding books.  Yikes!!!  Not really what I had anticipated in discovering.  But the book provided me some practical advice on how to deal with my issue of hoarding books.  It also provided me some advice on how to get other parts of my life organized and uncluttered.  I didn’t necessarily have a hoarding problem with these areas, but it helped me get past some of the emotional hang-ups that were preventing me from parting with certain items.  It made me evaluate some of the items I’d been hanging onto because of sentimental reasons.  Imagine my dismay when I learned that I was keeping some of those items for sentimental reasons that were actually quite negative.  It was a fascinating aspect to learn about myself and my actions.  I took much of this book to heart and used it to help me weed and reorganize major parts of my home.  It led to me feeling much less stressed and more in control of my home.  I also found that after taking the time to sort through some of the areas of my home that had been causing me stress, I was able to focus more on the things I truly loved about being at home.  I still have work to do in my organizing and cleaning and I’m certain I’ll refer to this book again in the future to get me through those projects.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning more about hoarding and how to get yourself organized and decluttered.  You just might find that you are actually hoarding something.


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