Book Review: Masked Innocence by Alessandra Torre (Innocence, #2)

Masked - Torre

Masked Innocence

By Alessandra Torre

Series: Innocence, Book 2

My Rating: 4 Stars

I received Blindfolded Innocence, the first book in Alessandra Torre’s Innocence series as an ARC from Netlibrary and absolutely loved it. When I saw that Masked Innocence was out, I immediately bought it for my Nook.  And I’m glad I did.  Brad De Luca continues to be one of the hottest book boyfriends I’ve ever encountered.  But I should tell you that while Blindfolded Innocence was seriously hot and hitting perfectly in the taboo arena, Masked Innocence, while still a great book, strayed out of the taboo and directly into the general contemporary romance.  I will admit that while I still loved this book, I was a bit sad to see it had gone a bit more mainstream than I thought the series was going to go.  With the way the first book ended I thought the second book was going to be ridiculously hot and sexy and more about Brad’s lifestyle but it wasn’t.  That said, I am still very interested in this series.  So into it that recently, I purchased each of the books in this series because I believe I’ll be rereading this series in the future.


Julia Campbell threw all her inhibitions to the wind when she got involved with the sexy divorce attorney at her firm, whom she was warned to stay away from.  But Brad De Luca is impossible to resist, especially when he sets his sights on Julia.  As Julia becomes further and further entwined and entangled in Brad De Luca’s life, she discovers he has secrets and a dark past that points directly at the Mob.  When a murder which has the Mob written all over it, hits close to home,  Julia will become entangled with Brad in ways that won’t just mean losing her heart but possibly her life as well.

My Thoughts

Masked Innocence was a great second book in Alessandra Torre’s Innocence series.  If you liked the Fifty Shades series, I think you’d like this series and this book.  Brad De Luca is different from Christian Grey in many ways, but they are comparable characters in that they are both Alpha males, they like to be in charge, and they know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it.  They like control in all things, they have very distinctive tastes and they will stop at nothing to get everything they desire. That said, they have their quirks and seriously messed up psyche but they are extremely lovable in their own peculiar way.  Yes, any normal, educated, and reasonable woman should run away, fast and screaming from them but you can’t help but be intrigued and pulled into the mystery that is Brad De Luca just as you were with Christian Grey.

As I mentioned previously, this book was quite different from Blindfolded Innocence and that saddened me a bit.  This book was far more mainstream than the first book in the series.  I’m still intrigued by the series and I’m finding that Allesandra Torre is going to be one of those authors where I will read anything and everything she puts out.  This is the third book I’ve read by Torre and all have garnered four or five star ratings from me, so I think it’s a good assumption that I’ll continue to like future books.  If you are into romance and erotic fiction and haven’t read anything by Torre yet, I highly recommend her.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.


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