Book Review: Rage Within by Jeyn Roberts (Dark Inside, #2)

Rage Within - Roberts

Rage Within

By Jeyn Roberts

Series: Dark Inside, Book 2

My Rating: 4 Stars

Rage Within, the second book in Jeyn Roberts apocalyptic trilogy, Dark Inside, will keep you hooked until the very last page.  I’m just sad there isn’t more to this story yet.  I’v read there will be another book in this series but it’s not showing up on Goodreads yet.  I hope it will soon, because this is one series that was a surprisingly wonderful find.  Who doesn’t love a good apocalypse book filled with monsters that spring forth from something evil that’s been buried deep within the human psyche and just waiting to emerge but also has a physical influence in the world? It’s what makes these books so great, there is no real explanation as to what actually caused the world to implode.  What caused the human population to turn on each other.  It’s what makes these books truly terrifying.


Clementine, Aries, Michael and Mason and a small group of other teens have survived the first wave of the apocalypse.  Hiding and trying to survive in an abandoned house outside Vancouver, they try to make a plan to move forward.  But each have their own desperate situations to deal with.  Clementine has taken the leader role but struggles with what to do next.  Aries desperately seeks her brother Heath, but has no idea where he might be if he’s still alive.  Michael continues to be haunted by his past actions and Mason struggles with the possibility that he may be a danger to his friends, that something dark and sinister lives within him.  As this small group of survivors try to make sense of the world and survive, they have to fight to stay ahead of the Baggers and hope they aren’t found.

My Thoughts

Wow!!  I’m really digging Jeyn Roberts and her Dark Inside series.  These books are awesome.  She expertly manages to balance mystery, suspense, terror and shock within the pages of this apocalyptic story.  The air of mystery that surrounds the events of these books is heightened by the fact that the danger never goes away and in fact gets worse as time goes on.  This small group of survivors know they can’t get too comfortable because as soon as they do, they will be in more danger than before.  They have to keep on their toes and that, unfortunately, means not really trusting anyone in the group.  It’s against everything they want to do, but Roberts proves over and over again  throughout these books that trust will get you killed.  It’s not just the Baggers they must fear because darkness hides within everyone.

And let’s talk about darkness or nothing.  This elusive character makes an appearance in the first book but not in the second so to speak.  What we discover in this book is that Nothing is actually within us. It’s always there waiting to get out. The weak can’t resist it but some have more success in fighting it, they toggle back and forth between good and bad.  Roberts ability to make evil an actual character is amazing.  And frankly what makes these books so appealing.  It’s unique and it’s what propels this story forward and what ultimately keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.  The personification of evil and madness.  It’s sure to take the reader on a thrilling ride as the characters fight their inner demon, so-to-speak.  The madness is always there lurking below the surface waiting to get out and cause harm and damage.  Who wouldn’t love this little twist in an already great story?

This series, is no doubt, one of the most frequently recommended series by me at the library.  I just wish that Roberts would put out the third book.  Rage Within was released in 2012 so it’s time.


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