Book Review: Four Years Later by Monica Murphy (One Week Girlfriend, #4)

Four Years Later - Murphy

Four Years Later

By Monica Murphy

Series: One Week Girlfriend, Book 4

My Rating: 4 Stars

I’m sorry to say this is the last full book in this series.  I’ve very much enjoyed this series from start to finish.  They were quick, easy reads full of great plot lines and memorable characters.  I love series that focus on a group of people whether it’s good friends or a family.  If you can connect with the characters and the plot lines like I have with this one, then you almost feel like you are a part of their little group by the end of the books.  Unfortunately that just makes it that much harder to say goodbye to them when you’re done.  As I sit here writing my final review for this series, I can’t help but feel a little sad.  I will miss these characters.  The great thing is I can always reread the books and be with them again.  That’s the greatest thing about books.  They will always be there when you want to return to them.


Four Years later picks up four years after the end of Three Broken Promises (Yes, I thought I’d point that out just in case you didn’t gather that from the title of the book…)  Owen, Fable’s younger brother, whom we briefly meet in One Week Girlfriend and more in Second Chance Boyfriend, is now in his second year of college.  Unfortunately, Owen likes to have fun and indulge a bit too much.  Girls and weed have gotten him suspended from the football team, his hours have been cut at The District at the request of his sister who just happens to be friends with the owner, and he’s failing two classes.  The result: he now has a tutor.  It’s the last thing he wants to deal with and he’s dead set on getting out of it.  Until he meets his tutor.  She’s nothing like the girls he’s normally attracted to but there is something about Chelsea that keeps him coming back.  Owen recognizes that Chelsea is gorgeous, but he’s  attracted more to her mind and her shyness.  She’s everything that he’s never around and he can’t seem to get enough of her.  She challenges him and makes him want to do better.  She knows just which buttons to push to get him motivated.  Owen wants to be with Chelsea but when he thinks about it he knows he’s not nearly good enough for her.  What would she ever see in a football player that’s failing his classes and does drugs?  She clearly has her life together and it’s evident she comes from a much more stable life than Owen could have ever dreamed.

My Thoughts

This may have been my favorite book in this series.  I just loved Owen.  He’s simply a wonderful character.  He’s so imperfect that you can’t help but love him.  Maybe I feel this way because it feels like I watched him grown up in these books.  It’s odd too because he wasn’t in them as much as this would imply.  I think it’s that the books with Fable told you so much about him through her by watching their interactions between each other.  I think that because I felt this way, I really wanted to see him happy.  I knew everything he’d been through and knew how hard it was on Owen so when I finally got to his story I was truly rooting for him to succeed and be happy in life.  I absolutely wanted the best for him.

The other thing I loved about this book was that Owen and Chelsea were imperfect in an honest and realistic way.  They are young and clearly don’t know everything about the world despite all that they have been through in their lives.  They aren’t confident and they aren’t knowledgeable about the world, though they may think they are.  They make bad decisions, they second guess themselves, and they stumble…a lot.  It’s refreshing to see characters that actually act their age.  So often characters their age act as if they have 20 more years of wisdom under the belts and while there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with this, it’s still nice to see characters truly acting their age.

Overall, this was a great series and I’m going to miss it and the characters I came to know throughout the books.  I’ll definitely recommend this series to those who enjoy this genre of book. I don’t think they will be disappointed.  And if you want more from this series, be sure to checkout Drew + Fable Forever (One Week Girlfriend #3.5) a 40,000 word novella by Monica Murphy.


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