Book Review: Three Broken Promises by Monica Murphy (One Week Girlfriend, #3)

Three Broken Promises - Murphy

Three Broken Promises

By Monica Murphy

Series: One Week Girlfriend, #3

By Rating: 3 Stars

Three Broken Promises is book three in Monica Murphy’s One Week Girlfriend series.  While the first two books in the series told the story of Drew and Fable, Three Broken Promises tells the story of Colin Wilder, Fable’s boss and Jennifer Cade, Fable’s friend she meets while working at The District.  It’s very common for contemporary romance and new adult books to toggle between sets of characters.  Monica Murphy likes to write her series chronologically so, Three Broken Promises takes place after the events of One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend.


Jennifer Cade ran away from home when life got bad.  Her brother Danny died in Iraq and her family fell apart.  She knew that she would never escape from Danny’s memory if she stayed.  So she set out on her own only to find that life was harder than she ever thought possible.  When she got desperate she took a job at a local strip club and when her situation didn’t get better she took another step toward total destruction.  Until Colin Wilder, Danny’s best friend, finds her and rescues her.

Colin promised Danny that they would join the military together, then he promised to take care of Danny’s family and finally he promised to always protect Danny’s younger sister Jennifer.  But Colin has failed at all of those promises and now Danny is dead.  Colin lives under a constant blanket of guilt for all the promises he’s broken.  But he’s vowed that he’ll always be there for Jennifer no matter what from now on.  In an effort to make good on his promise to Danny, Colin offers Jennifer a job at his restaurant and offers to let her live with him.  But when he starts to feel something deeper for Jennifer, Colin is plagued by his guilt concerning Danny his death and all those broken promises.  Colin promised to always protect Jennifer as if she was his own sister.  The problem is that these feelings are anything but sisterly.  Jennifer is off limits.

As Jennifer and Colin’s feelings spiral out of control, the more they resist, the harder it will be to continue to live so closely.  Jennifer has made it clear how she feels but Colin is keeping her completely in the friend-zone and Jennifer has reached her limits.  She’s waited long enough for Colin to give her more.  If he can’t, then she has no other choice but to move on.  She’ll give him 30 days and if he can’t get past his guilt then she’s gone.

My Thoughts

Colin and Jennifer are older than Drew and Fable and as a result their story is sexier and in many ways much more complicated.  That’s not to say that Fable and Drew’s story wasn’t complicated because it was.  But Colin and Jennifer have had more life experiences and therefore have more to draw on.  They have had time to make decisions that are both good and bad in their lives and are now being forced to pay the consequences.  I liked this about this book.  I liked their struggle but I was also frustrated with it.  Jennifer is open with Colin about her feelings, but Colin is so ridiculously unable to express himself.  It’s such a typical male reaction.  He wants her and needs her but can’t seem to do what is necessary to keep her.  At the same time, Jennifer, is frustrating because she just can’t seem to believe in herself.  And because she inwardly thinks she’s a complete failure, she becomes her own worst enemy by making all her worst fears become real.  In addition, simple compassion from Colin becomes a handout in her eyes and that’s sad to see happen.  It’s hard to watch both Colin and Jennifer struggle to get past their major character flaws.  When they finally do you can breath a sigh of relief.  I loved how they helped each other get past the issues that sprang up after Danny died.

Overall this was a good book.  And I ultimately rated it three stars.  I would have loved to give this book four stars but I just couldn’t because of one major issue I had with the book.  The big climactic ending when Jennifer leaves and moves in with her new roommate had the potential to be great but in the end it sort of fizzled out and felt rushed.  I was left severely wanting more action, more reaction, more emotion from Colin and Jennifer, more everything basically.  Even when Colin rushes to get her back, their meeting wasn’t all that great.  I wanted to cry tears of joy at their reunion but was sort of left going, “ok, great their back together…yay…”  Yeah not much reaction.  It saddened me because the rest of the book wasn’t like this for me.  My emotions were all over the place for the first two-thirds of the book.  Not a bad read though, and again this series continues to entertain me and keep me engaged.  The last book in the series is Four Years Later and it’s the story of Fable’s younger brother Owen when he’s a sophmore in college.  I have a feeling this is going to be a good one.  I really liked Owen in the first two books so I’m excited to see where life has taken him.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Three Broken Promises by Monica Murphy (One Week Girlfriend, #3)

  1. It wasn’t the best one in the series, but it was worth the read. I would say read this one just so you can read the last book in the series, Four Years Later. That was my favorite.

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