Book Review: Second Chance Boyfriend by Monica Murphy (One Week Girlfriend, #2)

Second Chance Boyfriend - Murphy

Second Chance Boyfriend

By Monica Murphy

Series: One Week Girlfriend, Book 2

My Rating: 3 Stars

Second Chance Boyfriend is the second book in Monica Murphy’s One Week Girlfriend series.  I was super excited to read this book because I loved the first book so much.  Garnering a four star rating, I quickly picked up the second book ready for an equally great book.  Unfortunately this book didn’t thrill me as much as the first.  It was still good and ultimately received a three star rating from me, but it left me wanting just a bit more at the end.  That said, I was mostly happy with the way the story played out and the fact that there were two additional books in the series to look forward to, I hoped that perhaps some of my frustration would work itself out after reading the last two books.  Ultimately, I think my biggest disappointment was simply that the story ended and I wanted it to last longer.  But I suppose every story must come to and end eventually…sigh….


Drew Callahan’s has finally shared his secrets with someone.  And in that someone he’s found someone he loves with all his heart.  But he still suffers deep and unending guilt and despair.  Because of this he lost the one thing that he wanted more than anything, Fable Maguire.  In Fable he found the other half of his soul but he was certain his past would only bring her pain so he walked away before she could be hurt.

Fable Maguire is just trying to survive each day.  She’s trying to move on after Drew Callahan walked out her front door and out of her life forever.  With no explanation of what happened, Drew has become just a memory.  But Fable can’t completely forget about Drew.  And she isn’t sure what she’ll do if she ever sees him again or how she’s going to feel about it.  All she knows is that he walked out of her life just like everyone else has done and she’s angry.

My Thoughts

Second Chance Boyfriend is the continuation of Fable and Drew’s story.  And while the book comes to a conclusion that will work for most readers, I felt like the ending came very quickly.  The majority of the book was introspective for the main characters.  The reader was really in their heads while they tried to work through all their issues, problems and insecurities.  Often they would discuss with other characters but much of it was internal thought.  This created a certain level of thoughtfulness for the reader.  I didn’t have an issue with this overall.  I typically enjoy introspective types of books.  I had three issues with this book.  The first was the one chapter narrated by Adele when no other chapters in the first two books were narrated by her.   I felt this was quite jarring and frankly it completely gave away the ending of the book.

Secondly, the climactic ending between Drew, Fable and Adele was odd to me.  I didn’t like how Murphy turned a book that was largely introspective and gave it a climactic ending with little build-up throughout the rest of the book.  Typically there is evidence disbursed throughout the book that will lead up to the climactic ending.  This book sadly, didn’t have that.  It almost felt like three quarters of the book was one book and the last quarter was an entirely separate book.  If there had been more evidence earlier in the book that alluded to the ultimate outcome for the three characters that would have helped in keeping the book from feeling so disjointed.  Unfortunately as it was written, the ending felt rushed and frankly, a bit unfinished.

The final issue I had with this book was that, contrary to the way the first book was narrated, Murphy changed up her alternating narration  and would go back in time to provide insight into what the other character was doing during the time period for the other person we had just read.  Unfortunately, this didn’t mesh with me either.  I liked how she didn’t overlap time in the books.   I suppose I get used to one format and expect the books to stick with it.  I’m not sure if Murphy could have stuck with her original narrative style and still been able to take the book where she wanted to take it but I do know that from a readers perspective, I lost something when the change-up occurred.

There are still two more books in this series, Three Broken Promises and Four Years Later.  In typical contemporary romance and new adult style, these books follow other characters that you have met in the first two books.  Three Broken Promises follows Jen and Colin, Fable’s coworker/friend and her boss at the restaurant where she works.  Four Years Later, tells the story of Owen Maguire, Fable’s younger brother.  If you were hoping for more books about Fable and Drew don’t worry, they show up as supporting characters in the last two books and you get a good idea of what’s going on in their lives so you won’t have to let them go go quickly.

Overall, I’m enjoying this series.  I’m heading off to read the next two books immediately.  I’m sure they will be just as enjoyable as the first two.  These were the first books I’ve ready by Monica Murphy and so far, I’m happy them them.  I’ll definitely watch for new books by her in the future.


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