Book Review: Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts (Dark Inside, #1)



Dark Inside - Roberts

Dark Inside

By Jeyn Roberts

Series: Dark Inside, Book 1

My Rating: 5 Stars

A surprise gem is what this series is and I highly recommend it to everyone looking for something a little different.   I’m not certain how to describe them to people though.  I never really figured out if it was supernatural, if it was a virus, or something else.  When reading these books, I couldn’t help but think of the 28 Days movies.  It seems that rage and emotion plays alot in the progression of these books.  I also sometimes thought of the movie The Happening because there seemed to be some sort of outside entity making everyone act the way they did.  It was very effective in notching up the creep factor as I moved further into the story.  I couldn’t put them down because I really wanted to know what was going to happen.  My only complaint…there are only two books in this series and as far as I can see Jeyn Roberts hasn’t started a third book, though she has said on Goodreads that she does plan to finish the series.  It can’t possibly come fast enough.  I think this is definitely a series I’ll reread over and over.


An evil has been unleashed on the world and it’s turning almost everyone into murderers.  Friends and families are no longer standing together but rather turning on each other.  After a series of deadly earthquakes and the first wave of killing the survivors seek out safety and other survivors.  But they quickly discover that there is no safety in numbers, only death.  But in a world that’s falling apart the survivors long to find companionship so they can make some sense of what is happening in the world.  As four teens independently make their way to Seattle, and slowly encounter each other, if they can trust each other, they may just find hope and safety in their small group.

My Thoughts

Wow!!!!  Yeah, this was an amazingly good book.  Alternating narration between the four teens and a creepy fifth character named “Nothing”, this book will keep you on your toes and your nerves on edge.  I absolutely couldn’t put it down.  Even thinking about it now, months after reading it, I still get the heebie-geebies thinking about this creepy story.  Roberts has created one of the most terrifying books I’ve read in a very long time.  It’s post-apocalyptic meets 28 Days Later and The Crazies.  Movies are all I can compare this book to for some reason.  Maybe because it’s that unique.  I honestly haven’t read anything else like this book.  This is why I loved it so much.  It’s fresh, original and absolutely addicting.  It’s one of those books that hasn’t gotten a whole lot of hype but now that I’ve read it I recommend it to everyone.  I guarantee after you read book one you’ll be quickly seeking out Rage Within, the second book in this series. And then you’ll sit with me waiting on the next book or books in the series.  There is no expected publication date yet for those books.  I suppose I’ll have to find something else to occupy my time until then…sigh…


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