Book Review: One Week Girlfriend by Monica Murphy (One Weekend Girlfriend, #1)

One Week Girlfriend - Murphy

One Week Girlfriend

By Monica Murphy

Series: One Week Girlfriend, Book 1

My Rating: 4 Stars

There was something about this book that I absolutely loved and I just couldn’t put it down.  I particularly liked how Murphy was able to humanize her characters in a way that was believable.  I wouldn’t be surprised if readers compared Drew Callahan to Christian Grey.  I’m not saying they are the same, but they are both damaged.  Drew, however, is a more believable character.  He’s unique in a way that I haven’t encountered yet in a book.  I will admit that the book is slightly predictable but despite the fact that I was able to figure out what happened in Drew’s past that made him so broken, I wanted to finish the book.  I wanted to see if Drew and Fable found their happiness and resolution.  And when I finished, I quickly moved on to the second book in the series.


Haunted by his past, Drew Callahan can’t face it alone.  So he comes up with the idea to bring home his “girlfriend.”  His parents will never know that she’s not his real girlfriend.  But he hopes it will provide the buffer he desperately needs to get through the week.  The problem is that Drew didn’t expect for Fable to actually be able to see through him and get closer than anyone has ever done before.  Drew quickly realizes that you can’t keep things hidden from those closest to you.  And Drew didn’t factor that into his proposition to Fable.

Fable is the bread-winner in her family.  Her mother is an non-existent parent, spending her days with her boyfriend getting drunk and doing drugs.  Fable is left to keep everything together not only for herself but for her 14 year old brother as well.  She knows that if she doesn’t she could loose Owen, and that can’t happen.  So Fable does the only thing she can do, she puts all her dreams on hold and works tirelessly to earn barely enough to make ends meet.  She’s made some mistakes in her life and has earned a reputation that is less than stellar.  And then, in walks Drew Callahan.  He has a proposition for her and he’s willing to pay her for it.  It’s the craziest idea ever, but could Fable do it?  Could she be his girlfriend for one week?  The money would get them by for a couple of months.  What could possibly go wrong? It’s easy money right?  The problem is that nothing ever comes easily.  And sometimes you get more than you bargained for but sometimes, you get everything you ever wanted.

My Thoughts

Yes, I really loved this book!!  One Week Girlfriend is the first book in Monica Murphy’s One Week Girlfriend series.  Fitting firmly in the New Adult and Contemporary Romance genres it’s a story that successfully draws in the reader from page one.  Told from alternating perspectives of the two main characters it does an excellent job in character development and Murphy uses it to develop and move the plot forward.  Once I started reading this book I couldn’t seem to put it down.  I loved how broken Drew was and that he seemed real in his broken-ness.  Is it wrong that I loved how broken he was?  There was something about how he reacted to his trauma that felt completely real.  In contrast to some books out there that are so far fetched that they can’t possibly be believable, this book is different.  Drew is such a wonderful character and Fable is the perfect person to bring him out.  But even in her strong-ness, she’s still weak in her own way.  It’s almost as if, Fable is strong where Drew is weak and Drew is strong where Fable is weak.  They are the perfect match, but almost their worst nightmare because they challenge the other to overcome their fears by facing them and dealing with them.  I’ve always believed that you should strive to be with someone that pushes you to be a better person which means getting you out of your comfort zone.  That’s what Drew and Fable do and it’s a special thing to see.

I gave this book a solid four stars.  I think it has everything you’ll want in a New Adult or Contemporary Romance book.  And to be honest, it’s a great story that will give you hope, joy and will most likely bring tears to your eyes.  Check it out.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed that you did.


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