Book Review: The Edge of Always (Edge of Never, #2) by J.A. Redmerski

Always - Redmerski

The Edge of Always

By J.A Redmerski

Series: Edge of Never, Book 2

My Rating: 4 Stars

The Edge of Always is J.A Redmerski’s second book in The Edge of Never series. The book picks up about six months after The Edge of Never.  This was a great ending to this series.  I love how everything comes full circle and you get to see where Camryn and Andrew end up.  In this book we also meet some new characters that have book potential.  In fact, Redmerski has already written a book about two supporting characters from it.  Bray and Elias have their story told in Song of the Fireflies.  This is a standalone novel and you don’t have to read the two Edge of Never books.  I haven’t read it but I’m excited too and it’s up in my queue right now.  And while I don’t want to give the book away, there is another character that shows up at the end, that has excellent book potential.  I haven’t seen anything on the horizon for this character but I’m hoping that maybe in the future.  


Camryn and Andrew met on a Greyhound bus en route to Wyoming. Neither thought that bus ride would lead them to the person and life they were both searching for but it did. Now, Camryn and Andrew are starting their life together and they are determined to live the life they have always dreamed. But life always finds a way to thrown them in a direction they didn’t plan on. Faced with a terrible tragedy, Camryn and Andrew must try to find their way through their grief. And while Camryn falls deeper and deeper into her depression, Andrew will make a decision, he hopes, will bring them back to the life they always dreamed. He’s just not sure if Camryn will follow him this time.  He’s hopeful he can pull her from the hole she’s buried herself in.  But for Camryn trusting Andrew won’t be easy.  She blames him and isn’t sure she can move past their tragedy with him.  But she loves Andrew and she has to keep telling herself this if she’s going to survive.  Together as they set out on a journey they hope will heal them, they may just find their true happiness again out on the road where they first found eachother.

My Thoughts

Again, this was an amazing book. I loved the first book and fell in love with both Camryn and Andrew. Their stories in the first book were searching and wanting. This book is no different, but now they know what they are searching for in life and they know they aren’t alone in their journey. But sometimes it’s hard to remember when the pain is so great.  If you are lucky you will have people near you who can help you get back into the light when everything seems to be shrouded in darkness.

Camryn is so lost in this book and it’s painful to see her spiral downward. And while Andrew is there for her, he can only hold her hand and hope she’ll follow him out of the darkness. He loves her more than anything which is so evident in this book. His pain is there but he has to be strong for them both to get them back to a good place. It’s heartbreaking and terrifying at times but it’s what makes this story so beautiful. I love books where there are complicated characters and where life isn’t presented as a fairytale. Life is hard, painful, full of hope, loss and emotion. It’s confusing and difficult. It can very easily be happy and sad at the same time and it’s never clear cut as we would like it to be. So often we feel like we are taking one step forward and two steps back. This is what Camryn and Andrew have to face.  They have already had so much pain in their lives and yes, the deserve to be happy.  But as life often does, it’s going to present you will more pain that you will have to survive.  It makes you question whether you will ever get your happy ending. Sometimes happy endings have to be sought, they aren’t just given.  That’s what makes this book so great.  Camryn and Andrew realize this.  They realize that they make their own happiness and that’s the only way it can ever be.

In The Edge of Always, Redmerski, spins an eloquent story about two people searching, finding, losing and then rediscovering all that is great in the world. It’s a story of the resilience of the human spirit. How despite everything that happens, life still happens and it can be good.  I hope you love Camryn and Andrew’s stories as much as I did.


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