Book Review: The Angel Stone (The Fairwick Chronicles, #3) By Juliet Dark aka Carol Goodman

Angel Stone - Dark

The Angel Stone

By Juliet Dark aka Carol Goodman

Series: The Fairwick Chronicles, Book 3

My Rating: 4 Stars

The Angel Stone is the third and final book in the Fairwick Chronicles by Juliet Dark aka Carol Goodman.  The first book My Demon Lover and the second book The Water Witch received three and four stars from me.  Having only given the first book three stars, I’m actually more inclined now to raise that to four stars since I was happy with the ultimate conclusion of the series.  Having that fulfilled feeling at the end of the series goes a long way in increasing my overall satisfaction for other books in the series.  I don’t think I’m alone in this feeling though.  

Sitting clearly in the romance genre, this series is one I have recommended to several people and I bought it for my library so others can enjoy.  I’ll be honest that I actually went outside my e-book price range and paid more for this book than I am usually willing to pay for e-books.  That’s saying something about this book and the series, since I rarely go outside the $5.99 range for an e-book.  I’m even going to go so far as to say that for someone who stayed away from the romance genre for a long time, this series helped to change my mind about them.  I liked the mystical and supernatural element in these books.  The cover for the first book is what initially drew me in but then when I read the synopsis I was intrigued by the sound of the book.  I’m glad I decided to read it even though I only downloaded it from the Library e-content site for training purposes.


Callie McFay is a half-witch, half-fey professor of folklore-gothic literature at Fairwick college in New York state. The Angel Stone picks up after the college has been taken over by The Grove, a group of witches who believe the fey should be banished back to faerie, and their cohorts, the Nephilim, descendants of Fey males and human women. The Nephilim, were considered abominations by the Fey and were never allowed into Faerie and are therefore angry with the Fey and have long sought to close all the doors to Faerie which will result in the fey being trapped for all eternity in Faerie. Many of Callie’s friends have become trapped in Faerie because she inadvertently closed the door when she admitted she loved Bill, her demon lover and his human blood closed the door forever. But hope isn’t completely lost, as Callie has discovered there is another door. A door only she can open. But first she must find a way to defeat the Nephilim if her friends are to be safe when her friends return. As Callie becomes one of the most powerful witches in Fairwick, she learns that the answer to their problems is in finding the angel stone. But it’s been lost since the 17th century and Callie thinks she knows where it was lost. To get it though, Callie must risk her life and travel through Faerie and across time in search of the angel stone. Callie knows she is risking her life to find the stone, but she stands to risk something far greater when she saves the man that will become her demon lover. Callie’s decision will become more difficult when she’s forced to choose between the desires of the heart for the man she loves and the town that has become her family.

My Thoughts

This is one of those series I stumbled upon completely by accident while on vacation last year. I was demonstrating how to use the digital download service my library subscribes to for ebooks and e-audiobooks and needed to show someone how easy it was to checkout and download a title. The first book in this series happened to come up on the page and I clicked download. Then since I was sort of being lazy, I decided to read it even though it wasn’t the type of book I would normally pickup. I’ll be completely honest and tell you that I fell for the pretty cover. It reminded me of Lauren Kate’s Fallen series, so I downloaded it. Of course, once I started reading I discovered it wasn’t anything like that series. But I wasn’t disappointed. I gave My Demon Lover, book one, three stars, but that was enough to entice me into reading book two. The Water Witch, that ultimately was given a four star rating. And The Angel Stone was also given a four star rating. Overall, this is a solid series. There are great characters who develop nicely and the intricacies of the convoluted plot don’t seem to trip up Dark in her writing of the story. The plot stays clean and concise and ultimately everything connects the way it should. I loved the full circle for both Callie and William in the books and was quite happy with the ending. I’m not typically attracted to books about fairies but this series kept me enthralled and wanting more.  It says something when I’m willing to pay more than $5 for an ebook…It means I really want to read this book.  So, if you are looking for a solid series about fey, demons and witches. A series that is both romantic, thrilling, spell-binding, full of passion, loss, pain and love, then I think you’ll enjoy this series. Try it out and see what you think. I may have to revisit this story again in the future. Maybe you’ll want to do the same.  I wonder how much books one and two are….Hmmmm.


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