Book Review: The Forever of Ella and Micha (The Secret, #2) By Jessica Sorensen

Forever - Sorensen

The Forever of Ella and Micha

By Jessica Sorensen

Series: The Secret, Book 2

My Rating: 3 Stars

The Forever of Ella and Micha is the second book in Jessica Sorensen’s The Secret series.  If you read my review of The Secret of Ella and Micha you will remember that I wasn’t spectacularly blown away with the book and I was a little disappointed since I loved Sorensen’s The Coincidence series.  I had some thoughts about why I might not have enjoyed the first book in this series but I was more than willing to give the rest of the series a try in the hopes that it may grow on me and grab me the way other new adult books have.  Book 2 again wasn’t great but I still didn’t think it was bad.  I liked it and it held me enough that I’ll continue with the series.  I will say that I did like the progression of the storyline and I felt that I knew Ella and Micha better in this book.  Perhaps that’s me connecting with the characters on a deeper level.  Only time will tell.


Ella and Micha have found each other again.  They both recognize that they need each other and that they are the most important thing in each other lives.  Micha has worked hard to convince Ella that he would do anything for her and that he will always be there for her, no matter what happens in their lives.   But Ella isn’t ready for that level of devotion. She knows that she must work through her issues before she can be completely with Micha in mind body and soul.  She has so much work to do to get through her issues and she’s convinced Micha the best thing is for her to take baby steps. Micha is going to have to have the patience of a Saint if he’s going to win Ella for life. And this is a great plan except Ella and Micha’s dreams take them in different directions. While Ella is in Las Vegas attending college, Micha is following his dream of touring with a band. How will they make things work between them if they can’t be together?

My Thoughts

Ok, I’ll be honest, Ella pretty much infuriated me the entire book.  Micha had more patience in this book than I ever thought imaginable.  And frankly, I’m not certain a person with this level of patience could exist anywhere except in a novel.  Micha has to put up with so much back and forth with Ella in the book that I’m surprised he doesn’t get whiplash from all of it.   Honestly, Ella’s wishy-washyness was present in the first book but in this book it was exasperated with the fact that their feelings were out there and they were trying to make-a-go of things.  I just felt like Ella was so selfish in this book, and most of the time I wanted to shake her senseless while screaming in her face to “Get over herself and recognize what she had in front of her!!!!”  Argh!!!!  And then I wanted to tell Micha to walk away; that no one was worth that much hassle. Of course, I couldn’t help but also hope that Micha wouldn’t do that, and would prove to be the man he kept saying he was because, well he’s a book boyfriend and we all want our book boyfriends to be something great and wonderful. Why would I want anything different from Micha?

Anyways, one point I’d like to make which plays a lot into my decision to continue this series, is that after considering all my angry and frustrated reactions to Ella and Micha in this book, is that I finally had a strong reaction to these characters which means that somewhere in this book I developed a connection with them.  Like them or not, I had the reaction I was looking for, the connection I needed to keep me interested.  I always talk about connections with the characters and how I have to relate to them in some way.  Maybe they progressed enough and matured enough between books one and two that I was finally able to connect in some small way with their plight.  I’m happy with this reaction.  And it makes me eager to read the next books in this series.  I’ve even found myself recommending this series to several people now that I’m further into it.   Still, I truly wanted Ella to get her head out of her butt and just make a choice. She seemed to always waiver back and forth between wanting Micha and not. How is he supposed to stay sane and not get frustrated with her. Shouldn’t she expect it? Shouldn’t she expect that he’ll have a limit? Yeah, I completely think so but I’m not the author and I don’t know if this will be resolved in future books.  I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see what happens next for Ella and Micha

So, again, this wasn’t a life changing book for me but it was a good second book in the series. It moved the characters forward, even if it was only an excruciatingly small few steps. And in the end, I still want to know what happens next for Ella and Micha. I’m curious though how that’s going to work since the next book in this series is about Lila and Ethan. I hope I don’t loose my connection with Ella and Micha though with this abrupt switch.  But I am excited to learn more about Lila and Ethan. Their relationship has been referenced several times during books one and two but there has been little development or description. I like both of those characters so I’m hoping for a great book. Stay tuned….






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