Book Review: Remy (Real, #3) By Katy Evans

Remy - Evans


By Katy Evans

Series: Real, Book 3

My Rating: 2 Stars

I really expected to love this book. I thought a book from Remy’s perspective would be a bonus. We’d finally get to see inside his brain. Unfortunately seeing inside Remy’s brain didn’t do anything but make me very disappointed. I thought there would be struggle and inner turmoil. I thought there would be some explanation of why he chose to be free of drugs that would help him. I thought we’d see more of his relationship with the two men he called family. I thought we’d have some backstory of Remy and his parents. Some flashbacks to before he met Brooke, something, anything. But sadly, this book did not deliver. While there is some current action of what is going on with him and Brooke, this book is almost entirely a retelling of books one and two. Evans took scenes directly from the first two books, rewrote them from Remington’s perspective (which sadly left the scenes significantly lacking). The same dialog was used but there wasn’t anything new. Remington’s internal thoughts weren’t enough to make this book more than a retelling of the same story. You’d think in this type of book we’d get the same story from a different point of view with a mingling of the events you’ve already experienced mingled with more, in the form of what happened next or what happened before. Things that happened entirely to Remy without Brooke. Evans could have used this book to tell the story of Remy before he met Brooke, and while they were separated both in books 1 and 2. But that’s not what happened.

I’ll give Evans credit for the parts leading up to the actual wedding ceremony for Brooke and Remington. Those parts were enjoyable and new and made me love the characters all over again. Unfortunately, I could have skipped the rest of the book and just read the wedding chapters and it would have been a better book, but not a full book. The only complaint I had about the wedding portion is how the book ended. Not the events but the perspective of the final chapter. Why would you write an entire book from Remington’s perspective and then make the last chapter from Brooke’s perspective? This completely ruined the book for me. I wanted the last chapter from Remington’s perspective. That was the whole point of the book. Had the book been from Brooke’s perspective then it would have made sense, or if the chapters had alternated from one to the other, then that would make sense, but this was Remington’s point of view.

I’m so sorry to do this but I had to give this book only two stars. I loved the first two books, but I wouldn’t recommend readers to read this book in the series. Let it end at book 2 and move on. Accept that they will live happily ever after and find another book to read. It’s harsh, but this book failed to make it’s mark on me. I have to be honest with my readers and give them my honest perspective. This book won’t turn me off of Katy Evans though. She is an accomplished writer with two wonderful books under her belt. I look forward to what she puts out next.


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