Book Review: Mine (Real, #2) By Katy Evans

Mine - Evans


By Katy Evans

Series: Real, Book 2

My Rating: 4 Stars

Mine is book two in the Real series by Katy Evans. This book is a continuation of Remy and Brooke’s story. Brooke is Remington’s REAL and he is hers. They are moving forward together. She keeps him in prime physical condition as well as providing him a solid base emotionally. Remy fights for Brooke and only Brooke. His fight is both inside and out of the ring. He’s determined to have everything that he never thought he could have until he saw Brooke. She has changed the game and made the stakes higher than anything ever before. Brooke and Remy’s love consumes them and they exist in their own little world with their songs for each other. But those closest to them fear what will happen if reality gets to them again. Will their world come crashing down like it did before? And what will be the result of that breakdown? Will Remington survive it? Will Brooke? And just as things are starting to look like everything is going to work out for the couple, a forced separation put them to the ultimate test. Through this separation they keep telling themselves that the other is “mine.” And while telling themselves this they vow to do whatever is necessary for the other to remember that they belong together.

Katy Evans delivers another intense story with Mine. She takes Remington and Brooke on a new journey together which is both heart-stopping and highly emotional. Remington continues to be sexy and damaged but stronger in ways he wasn’t in Real. He has progressed as a character, grown and developed because of Brooke. And Brooke has done the same. She knows what she is capable of and what she needs though there are times when she still questions herself but it’s normal to second guess yourself sometimes. Evans has created real characters with real problems and presents questions that most people don’t have to think about in normal life. What would you do if you were Remy? Would you make the same decisions he has? Could you do what Brooke does? Could you take on that level of responsibility? I think that’s what I liked most about this book and Real, that these characters are fighters on more than one level. They have real struggles which make the reader wonder what they would do if put in the same situation. Do we have what it takes to be that strong. I like books that make me question myself like this. It’s important to question our strength and dedication to ourselves and those we love, even if it’s to secure ourselves in the decisions we’ve made in life.

If you like books about fighters both mental and physical, then I highly recommend the Real series by Katy Evans. If you follow any lists on Goodreads you’ll find that Mine is number 5 on the Ultimate List of Fighter Romance and it’s there for a good reason. I liked this book just as much as I liked the first book, possibly even more. Maybe because I got to know the characters more and it further developed them in my head. Regardless, I never once thought of putting the book down and that says something. This is most definitely a new adult book with heavy romance and adult material. Be sure to check it out.


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