Book Review: Angel Fever by L.A. Weatherly (Angel #3)

Fever - Weatherly

Angel Fever

By L.A. Weatherly

Series: Angel, Book 3

By Rating: 4 Stars

Angel Fever is the climactic end to L.A. Weatherly’s Angel series. And it didn’t disappoint. I’ve loved this series for many reasons but the top ones include: originality on the Angel genre, fabulously developed, complicated characters, and a well developed plot that stays true to the story throughout the entire series.

In the conclusion to this series, the Angels have taken over the world and most humans now live in refugee camps which makes them easy prey for the Angels. Willow and Alex and a small band of other humans have hidden themselves away in the hopes of recruiting more humans to their cause. Their hope, is that with enough trained Angel killers they will be able to defeat the Angels and win freedom for the human race again. But no plan is ever as easy as it seems and Willow and Alex wind up on different paths which take them away from each other. These decisions have devastating affects on the other and as they both struggle to make things right, their love is tested. Will they defeat the Angels or will the planet be doomed forever.

Ok, I loved this series. It’s so unique that I think it deserves so much more hype than it’s gotten. I’ve recommended this series to numerous people and most of them have loved it. It’s so different from other angels series like Lauren Kate, Becca Fitzpatrick or Jocelyn Davies. And don’t get me wrong, I loved those series too. But this one, has so much originality that I was hooked from day one. L.A. Weatherly has created a series that could easily be an adult series. I think adults will love these books more than the other Angel series you find in YA. While this is technically a YA series, it has the depth and complications that you find more in adult books. Life isn’t easily packaged like it’s often portrayed in YA paranormal romance books and Weatherly does an exceptional job of developing characters and plot that exemplify the nature of life. And while this book isn’t based in reality but rather an alternate world where Angels exist and live among us, Weatherly still manages to make the story real and heartfelt. I was sorry to say good by to these characters and this story. I’d love to see what happened next for these characters. I may have to revisit their struggle again in the future.


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