Book Review: Full Count by C.A Williams

Full Count - Williams

Full Count

By C.A Williams

My Rating: 1 Star

Oh where to start with this book. I finished it!!! Yay for me!!! I tried to put it down and walk away but I have this weird thing about finishing books no matter what. It may take me two years but I’ll read a page a day for an eternity just to say I finished a book. That was this book. It was short and it sadly, took me far to long to finish. It should have taken me hours not days to finish this one. But unfortunately there was very little to keep me engaged.

The general plot was good enough but it was boring due to a severe lack of development and general awkwardness. The characters were flat with no depth leaving me not connecting with any of them. The sex wasn’t interesting in the least. And considering Dylan was supposed to be a man-whore, he should have been a bit more inventive and entertaining but sadly it was all very vanilla compared to other New Adult books out there. Aside from horrible character development, the plot while good, wasn’t developed either. Most parts were either too long or far too short to move the story along properly. It took forever for Paige and Dylan to get together. Paige’s relationship with Ben isn’t all that exciting and while I get that’s what Williams was going for, something was still missing there to make me really feel bad for Paige when Ben got angry with her. Then the portion of the book where Paige and Dylan were actually together and happy was too long for everything else that needed to happen in the book. And let’s talk about Paige’s best friend Jake. I really liked Jake. In fact, he was about the only character I felt anything for in this book. And then nothing happens with him. He expresses his love for Paige and she just sort of ignores it, never to be brought up again anywhere in the book. Even at the end of the story, I couldn’t help but think, well, what about Jake? He was the only person who I felt deserved anything in this book. So underdeveloped….why have a character like that when it goes no where? I just don’t get it.  Was he simply space filler?  Was there supposed to be more to him but Williams couldn’t quite figure out how to get there?  Jake was a good character that should have gone somewhere in the book.  To me he was the best developed character in the book.

And let’s talk a bit more about plot. The part concerning Paige’s dad was so underdeveloped you couldn’t even feel sad about it when he tells Paige about him. That is not supposed to happen. The reader should have felt gutted and destroyed for Paige, but, nope, nothing going on in the emotional stratosphere for me with that plot twist. And then the big plot twist at the end…Did you not see it coming? How could you not? It’s bound to happen when you don’t use protection. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that bit. What I found most astounding with the big plot twist was that Paige was supposed to be this innocent girl but smart. Wouldn’t she have guarded against such possible outcomes? I’m just saying…Now let’s talk about the very end. I was glad that Paige and Dylan ended up together in the end and that they were going to become a happy little family. I suppose that was the only part about the book that I truly liked.  I suppose because it played to my absolute and utter weakness for the romantic ending.  Yes, I admit it, I like that happily ever after bit.  I’m a girl…I think it’s built into my cells.

So to conclude, this wasn’t a great book. It had potential and with a bit more editing and development, I think it could have been good. If you like New Adult, there are far better books out there than this one. I’m sorry. I hate to say bad things about writers because I’m not one and I know it’s hard. But I want readers to be informed before they invest in a book.  Please don’t let this stop you from writing C.A Williams.  I think you definitely have great potential.  Just keep writing.


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