Book Review: Dates from Hell: True Stories from the Front by Katherine Ann Samon

Dates - Samon

Dates from Hell: True Stories from the Front

By Katherine Ann Samon

My Rating: 1 Star

After finishing up Kenneth Davis’ “Don’t Know Much About Mythology”, I felt like I needed something a bit lighter and funnier so I chose this audio. Sadly it wasn’t what I was looking for in a humor book. Luckily it was short and I was able to finish it pretty quickly and move on to something else that was more my taste.

While I found myself laughing at several of the dates described in this book, most were awkward and frightening and simply not funny. I had hoped that these would be dates the author had been on but instead this book consisted of dates gone on by multiple people and each date was read by a different narrator. And as is with many audio books, the thing that makes or breaks the audio is the narrator of the book. Unfortunately, the narrators in this book were terrible and completely over-the-top with their retelling of the dates from hell. The narrations made the book difficult to listen to and frankly, made them entirely unbelievable. I’ve read several books about dating in the past and they were all hysterically funny. This one was not.

If you are looking for a book on bad dates, stay away from this one. It simply will not satisfy your humor needs and will leave you wanting. Maybe this would be a better book if it was read rather than listened to. I’m not sure. I don’t like to give one star reviews but this book did nothing for me except make me cringe most of the time. Sorry…


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