Book Review: A Spark Unseen by Sharon Cameron (Dark Unwinding, #2)

Spark Unseen - Cameron

A Spark Unseen

By Sharon Cameron

Series: The Dark Unwinding, Book 2

My Rating: 5 Stars

All your favorite characters are back in this amazing sequel to Sharon Cameron’s Dark Unwinding. A Spark Unseen, picks up about a year after The Dark Unwinding ends. Katharine has found her place at Stranwyne Keep and the people there have become her family. She belongs like she has never belonged before. But Katharine learns that Uncle Tully and the residents of Stranwyne Keep aren’t safe. Lane has left with no explanation and no word has been received from him. Katharine knows he’s gone to Paris, but she keeps hoping for more news. When it doesn’t come and the threats that still exist make an unwelcome appearance in the middle of the night Katharine has no choice but to take Uncle Tully away. Together with Mary and her solicitor, Katharine will flee to her home in Paris in the hopes to find more information about Lane and his whereabouts. As Katharine tries to fit-in in Paris society, she must determine who she can trust and whom she can’t. But bigger threats are lingering in the dark and they are stalking Katharine. She must find a way to defeat her enemies for both her and Uncle Tully’s sake before it’s too late for both of them.

Another great book from Sharon Cameron. I’ll say it again, this series deserves so much more praise. It’s one of the best kept secrets that shouldn’t be a secret at all. If you haven’t read the first book in this series you absolutely should, just so you can read this book. This series is full of so much intrigue and mystery as well as being fully based in history and the addition of many steampunk elements, make them delightful to read and completely believable. The characters continue to impress and you’ll find yourself getting attached to them from page one in the first book. You’ll cheer for them, cry for and with them and simply love them.

In addition, Sharon Cameron has also developed a plot that is complicated, exciting and so fully of mystery that you’ll never know quite what’s happening. You’ll keep trying to solve the mystery and that will keep you reading until late into the night. I couldn’t put these books down and found myself actually taking my 15 minute breaks at work so that I could get a few more pages done in these books. Be sure and make these a must read on your list this year. You won’t be disappointed.


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