Book Review: Until You by Penelope Douglas (Fall Away, #1.5)

Until - Douglas

Until You

By Penelope Douglas

Series: Fall Away, #1.5

My Rating: 5 Stars

Until You is not a retelling of Bully, Penelope Douglas’ first book in the Fall Away series. Until you takes place at the same time as Bully, and it is from Jared’s perspective but the reader is introduced to more characters and other back story events that have happened to Jared in the past that you didn’t get in Bully. Until You, is Jared’s life story and part of that involves Tate but there is more there than just his interactions with her.

Penelope Douglas does an exceptional job of further developing Jared and turning him into a real character and not just the bully that he was in the first book. The reader is able to fully understand why Jared is the way he is and what made him that way. The struggle he goes through everyday is palpable and you can’t help but be sympathetic for him. He’s suffered immeasurable pain and he’s dealt with it the only way he feels is acceptable. But his continual struggle to live with his choices is difficult to watch. And then there is Tate, you see her from a totally different perspective in this book. Though it’s still hard to read about their interactions you get a better understanding of their relationship and their feelings toward each other.

Just as the first book, I loved this book. I like getting both perspectives especially when they are well written. Penelope Douglas has succeeded with this book. She made me love Jared and Tate even more and hope more deeply for them to make it in the future. If you enjoyed Bully, you’ll like this book especially since it’s going to make you like Jared even more.


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