Book Review: The Dark Unwinding by Sharon Cameron (The Dark Unwinding, #1)

Dark Unwinding - Cameron

The Dark Unwinding

By Sharon Cameron

Series: The Dark Unwinding, Book 1

My Rating: 5 Stars

Katharine Tulman is sent by her Aunt and guardian to their family estate to inquire about her uncle, whom she has been told is squandering the family fortune. After finding evidence of such she is meant to have her eccentric uncle committed to an asylum. But when she arrives, she finds an uncle that is more genius than lunatic and a town full of people that work on the estate and depend on it.

This eccentric community is the first place that Katharine feels she fits in and is torn between protecting the family fortune and her inheritance or protecting both the people of the town and her uncle. To make her life even more complicated her choices are ever more difficult with the enigmatic and mysterious young apprentice that works for her uncle and that things don’t always seems as they first appear. Katharine begins to wonder if she, herself, may be a bit insane as well as strange occurrences begin to happen.

As reality begins to unravel for Katharine, she realizes that it’s not just the family fortune, her uncle, his charges and herself that are in danger. England itself may be facing a national crisis and Katharine may be the key to stopping it.

This book was awesome!!! This is a quick two book series series that is packed full of intrigue, mystery, suspense, and quirkiness. I loved it. It’s very light on romance since it’s technically classified as a juvenile book. Set during the Victorian era, it could be classified as having some steampunk elements through not as many as YA fans might be accustomed to, but like I said it’s a juvenile title.

What did I love most about this book? Everything!! The plot was intriguing and mysterious. Parts of it were a bit creepy and I wasn’t sure what was really going on. The characters are original and bigger than life. I found myself laughing, crying as well as gipping my seat in suspense. You will become significantly attached to Uncle Tully as well as Lane and Katharine. Even Katharine’s grandmother who has been long dead is a vibrant character in the book through all her possessions that are brought up in the book. The estate at which Uncle Tully and his town live is just as much a character as the humans in the story. Cameron, does an exceptional job of creating characters out of inanimate objects which is vital because of Uncle Tully’s habits.

Sharon Cameron was awarded the 2009 Sue Alexander Most Promising New Work Award by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators for The Dark Unwinding and it’s most deserved. This is one of those books that hasn’t been given much exposure but should be. It’s a delightful read and likely to be one of the best books you read this year. It’s sure to be at the top of my list.


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