Book Review: Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

Talk Pretty - Sedaris

Me Talk Pretty One Day

By Davis Sedaris

My Rating: 4 Stars

Me Talk Pretty One Day is me giving David Sedaris another try. I’ve read two of his books previously and just didn’t find him funny. This made me feel terrible since everyone raves about him. When talking to a colleague one day, it was mentioned that maybe I should try listening to one of his audio books because he reads them. I had been wanting to take up listening to audio books so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and download this and see if I could be persuaded to read more of Sedaris’ work. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first as the first couple of stories didn’t do much for me, but eventually he had me laughing hysterically. I’m sure I looked like a fool driving down the road with the huge smile that was often on my face. While I still didn’t find myself connecting with everything he talked about, I did find myself understanding his perspective and respecting it. There were parts of this book however that I still didn’t find the humor in it. For example, his extensive drug use and his mother’s death. I just couldn’t listen to his stories regarding those subjects and laugh. With those two exceptions, the rest of the book was great. I will say that I was happily surprised with this book and will most certainly be giving Sedaris another go. I think I’ll stick to his audios since his reading of his own material adds to the humor. Even if you’ve read the book previously, I suggest giving this audio a go because it’s filled with bonus material from his live performances. I found the live content to be some of the funniest stories of the whole book. And if you are like me, and haven’t been able to connect with Sedaris’ humor with his other works, try this one. I think you will be happily surprised as well.


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