Book Review: Mine to Crave (Mine #4) by Cynthia Eden


Mine to Crave

By Cynthia Eden

Series: Mine book 4

My Rating: 3 Stars

I was given Mine to Crave as an ARC from Season Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Drake Archer has a past. A past that haunts him. He was once part of an elite group of soldiers who went into business for themselves. From the contacts they made while in the security business they became successful business men, but Drake, Trace and Noah continue to face their pasts. And as always their past comes with threats not only to themselves but to those they love.

Mine to Crave is Drake Archer’s story. The fourth book in Cynthia Eden’s Mine series. Drake is a successful casino and night club owner. His past mistakes with one woman have made him a constant bachelor. He has vowed to never fall for a woman again because he see’s women as a weakness that can be used against him. So, he never stays with a woman more than one night. He loves them, hard and fast and then he walks away. Simple, easy and convenient. He never counted on meeting Jasmine. She speeds into his life like a runaway freight train. She’s dangerous, beautiful and full of secrets; just like Drake. And he simply can’t resist her. But her secrets will bring danger to Drake that he never expected. When Drake discovers that Jasmine has betrayed him, he knows he should let her go and deal with her the way he always deals with betrayal. But something stops him. Something that is as big of a surprise as is Jasmine herself. But a threat looms over their heads and if they are going to be together, Drake and Jasmine must face their torrid pasts and deal with them head on if they are going to have any future together or apart.

I’ve been waiting for Drake’s story. He was always so dark and alone in the first three books. I just knew there was so much more to him. Out of all of the books, this is my favorite. Drake is tormented and he holds that pain around him like it’s holding him together. And in a sense it is. He’s allowed his past to rule is present and make all his decisions about his future. He doesn’t trust anyone, except Trace and Noah. He especially doesn’t trust women. But Jasmine is just like him. She comes into his life and he immediately know that they are one and the same. Neither trusts, neither thinks they deserve happiness and they have both vowed to not hurt those they love…ever. I love tormented characters. And Drake and Jasmine have that in spades. They try so desperately to do the right thing, or what they think is the right thing. Neither wants to fall for the other, but despite their best attempts, they can’t seem to shake the feelings they are feeling for one another. As their story develops, I couldn’t help but hope there was a way for them to be together. Eden does a superb job of building the suspense in Mine to Crave. And I couldn’t put this book down until I found out what happened.

Readers were also introduced to some new characters in this book, Saxon and Victor, and I’m hoping that maybe the next book in the series is about one of them. Or perhaps another book about Drake and Jasmine. We’ll see.


One thought on “Book Review: Mine to Crave (Mine #4) by Cynthia Eden

  1. I love the story about Drake and Jasmine. The romance, the passion, the danger everything is so real, so intense. I would love to see another book on their store and their love for each other.

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