Book Review: Mine to Hold (Mine #3) By Cynthia Eden


Mine to Hold

By Cynthia Eden

My Rating: 2 Stars

Mine to Hold is the third book in Cynthia Eden’s Mine series. Mine to Hold is Noah York’s story. We are first introduced to Noah in Mine to Take and then again in Mine to Keep. Mine to Hold take’s place about six months after Mine to Keep concludes. Noah has gone back to New York to manage his ever-expanding Hotel empire. Like Trace, Noah got his start from the contacts he made while they worked covert military operations. And while Noah has moved on with his life and built his vast empire, his past has never been far behind and certainly never forgotten. While helping Trace Weston chase down his demons, Noah was introduced to Claire Kramer, who tragically lost her sister because of her connection with Trace Weston. And six months after first meeting Claire, Noah can’t seem to get her out of his mind. He’s drawn to her in ways he’s never been drawn to anyone. So when Claire Kramer, contacts him for help, he’ll do anything to keep her in his life. But Claire has demons that follow her. Demons that won’t leave her alone. Claire’s past is about to catch up with her and Noah could get caught in the crossfire. Claire doesn’t want that to happen and she’ll do anything she can to keep him safe. But Noah has secrets and skills that Claire doesn’t know about, and he’s determined to keep her in the dark about them while he deals with her past his way.

I really wanted this to be a great book. I liked Noah York in the first two books and wanted to know more about him. Unfortunately, Eden fails to develop him into anything more than a cardboard cutout. He’s shallow and underdeveloped. Throughout the entire book, he seems distant and callous. He never, for one second seems like an attractive catch for Claire. Nor does he seem like someone that Claire would trust. With everything that has happened in Claire’s past she clearly has trust issues. It’s completely understandable, and so it’s a bit confusing when she latches herself to Noah since he doesn’t seem to act in a manner that would promote trust in her. My lack of belief in the development in their relationship, sadly, falls on the poor development of Noah as a character. There are ways to create characters that are closed but that still seem to be connected to other characters. Some inner dialogue would have helped the reader feel what Noah felt while still keeping him at a distance. Something would have been better than what was provided. Because it was hard to connect with Noah as a character it ultimately made the story flat and lifeless. By the end I had no vested interest in any of the main characters. Even characters that we knew like Trace and Skye seemed mediocre in this book. The only character of any real depth was Drake. Perhaps because the fourth book in this series is Drake’s story. Maybe Eden will be able to concentrate on Drake in book 4 rather than already thinking about the fifth book in this series and trying to figure out what the next story will be. Unfortunately, it seems to be her downfall as an author. I’m starting to see a pattern with her books which is sad because the plot lines are solid and she has good characters.


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