Book Review: Twisted (Tangled #2) by Emma Chase



By Emma Chase

My Rating: 4 Stars

I received Twisted by Emma Chase as an ARC from Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Twisted is the second book in the Tangled series by Emma Chase. It starts two years after Tangled ends. Drew and Kate are still together and their lives are fully entwined together as are their families. Everything is perfect but sometimes you can’t plan everything in your life and sometimes your life takes an unexpected turn that you didn’t see coming and it changes everything. Told from Kate’s perspective instead of Drew’s, Twisted is the story of how Kate deals with an unexpected turn in her and Drew’s relationship. She’s determined to move on with or without Drew. She goes back home to sort through her life and try to find a focus again. There she discovers that her life is full of people she can count on and their love is capable of sustaining her, even if Drew’s isn’t.

This book wasn’t as funny as the first one, but I think that’s because it’s from Kate’s perspective. And it’s not that Kate isn’t funny, because she’s just as witty as Drew, but she has a complexity that Drew doesn’t have. It’s hinted several times in the book that women are just more complex as people than men are, and Kate isn’t any different. I truly enjoyed getting Kate’s perspective on the world. It was uplifting to see that despite how outwardly strong Kate appears, she’s full of doubts and she’s not really as strong as she’s led everyone to believe. But still she perseveres and faces all her challenges head on, never letting them get the better of her. At least that was until Drew. He’s so overbearing that Kate has to work to keep herself. She doesn’t want to just be a part of Drew she wants to be just Kate. Her own person and she wants to live her life on her terms not Drew’s. This book is a great exploration of how women often find themselves wrapped too tightly around the men in their lives; sometimes sacrificing everything they are for their mates. But it’s also a story of finding yourself again and finding ways to compromise and find balance.

And then there is Drew. If you loved his crazy perspectives and ridiculous antics in the first book. Your are going to loathe him in this book. From his perspective he’s charming, alluring and impossible to forget. But seeing him from the perspective of another, it gives him much more depth and frankly, a much worse light. The reader can see his possessiveness and over-protectiveness for what they are, controlling and self-doubt. They are destructive and hurtful. But in contrast there is Billy. In Tangled, Billy was a total tool and I hated him, but that was from Drew’s perspective. In Twisted, you see Billy from Kate’s eye. And he’s actually not a bad guy. He truly cares for Kate and she for him. And while they have a lengthly and complicated past, their future is clear and necessary for both him and Kate.

I have really enjoyed this series. I love getting to know these characters and all the supporting characters by seeing them from eachother’s perspective. It’s a unique way to tell a story and develop characters. It’s complicated but I think Chase does a fine job of keeping true to her characters and developing their complexity. The third installment of this series will be out later in 2014 and will be from Drew and Kate’s best friends, Matthew and Dee Dee’s perspective. It overlaps with the events taking place in Tangled, the first book in the series. I’m excited to read it.


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