Book Review: Rescued by Priscilla West



By Priscilla West

My Rating: 3 Stars

Rescued is the highly anticipated conclusion to Priscilla West’s New Adult novel Wrecked.

Lorrie has fled school after an incident that sent her into a downward spiral, one that she hoped she was finally free from. She thought that Hunter would be her savior but she now sees that he isn’t and so she flees back to her Aunt and Uncles home in the hopes of gaining some control of her life again. She had been so hopeful that her life was getting better and that she was on her way to recovering from her devastating losses. She never thought that she could so easily revert back to her lowest point. But here she is, barely able to function and worst of all, Hunter isn’t there for her. He wasn’t there when she needed him most. She knows he has secrets but she also knows that he wasn’t willing to share them with her and she sees now that they weren’t healthy for each other. As Lorrie tries to move on without Hunter, he is determined to make things work with Lorrie. He’s always fought his battles on his terms and by himself, and now he has to trust Lorrie enough to let her know what is really happening to him. Will Lorrie and Hunter’s love for each other be enough to fight through their pain? Only time will tell.

I was so excited for this book to be released and while it ties up all the loose ends of Lorrie and Hunter’s relationship, I felt like it ended too quickly. Coming in at just under 200 pages, while it’s predecessor was just under 300 pages, I felt like the story was rushed and that West cut some corners in the plot development. I would have preferred her to take some extra time and fully develop the conclusion of Lorrie and Hunter’s story before sending it to print. While technically all aspects are concluded, there are some that were done too quickly. Specifically, Lorrie’s tenuous relationship with Ada and Hunter’s best friend. And this might seem strange but I felt like Lorrie and Hunter got back together too quickly. I think the story would have worked better had it taken longer for them to decide to try to fix things between them. Overall, it was a decent end of Lorrie and Hunter’s story but I wish it would have lasted a bit longer. I would still recommend this book duo to people who are a fan of the New Adult genre.


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