Book Review: When You Believe by Jessica Barksdale Inclan


When You Believe

By Jessica Barksdale Inclan

My Rating: 2 Stars

After a poetry reading one night, San Francisco poet Miranda Stead stumbles through a door that is supposed to lead her to safety from those chasing her, but instead she’s faced with an entirely different kind of scary. The people she comes into contact with are paranoid and suspicious of her sudden appearance and start threatening her. As she tries to escape she’s faced with a mysterious, seductive stranger named Sariel Valasay. He seems to know everything she’s thinking and Miranda isn’t sure if he’s her savior or another threat. What she does know is that she’s inexplicably drawn to him and he to her. Sariel is a member of the ancient Les Croyant des Trois and is sworn to keep a his distance from normal humans, but he’s unable to fully break away from Miranda. As an evil threatens the world, Sariel and his kind try to defeat it, but Miranda is to play an important role in the events about to occur. As Miranda and Sariel try to defeat this evil their love is put to the test. Will their love be strong enough to survive?

This book has a great plot, but it left me wanting something though I’m not sure what. I never felt very connected to Miranda or Sariel or their relationship. I felt that the development of their characters was weak and riddled with holes. I wanted this book to be better and there were a couple of times that I thought it could have been an adult Harry Potter. Unfortunately Inclan doesn’t quite make the cut. It’s a complicated plot that requires a great deal of development and explanation and it’s not quite delivered. In addition, while Inclan does a respectable job of developing Miranda as a character, she didn’t with Sariel. He could have been a great character but he has many holes. I would have liked to have seen more development regarding his relationships with his brothers. There are hints of it but not to my liking.

This is the first book in a series of books. I haven’t read the others, but from what I’ve read, each book is about a different brother. If you enjoy other series like this you will likely enjoy these books. Though I would first checkout Larissa Ione’s Demonica series or J.R Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series or Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series.


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