Book Review: Thoughtless by S.C Stephens



By S.C. Stephens

Book 1 in Thoughtless series

My Rating: 4 Stars

After two years of dating, Keira and her boyfriend Denny are moving to Seattle so Denny can start his dream job. Despite her parent’s reservations, Keira has decided to finish her last two years of college there so she and Denny can start the life they have dreamed of having together. Since they are just starting out Keira and Denny are going to be roomates with an old friend of Denny’s. Kellan Kyle, Denny’s childhood friend, is an up-and-coming rock star and the lead singer of the D-Bags. Kellan has always prided himself on his ability to attract beautiful women. But when Keira and Denny move in, he sees something in Keira that he’s been missing, but she’s with Denny and therefore off limits. Keira is instantly attracted to Kellan but she keeps her distance because she sees how he attracts the women. But then Denny’s job sends him to another state leaving Keira in Seattle alone. Keira turns to Kellan for solace and companionship and convinces herself that they are just friends, but then one night changes everything. And all of their lives will never be the same.

I wasn’t sure about this book when I first started reading it. I found Keira to be pretty irritating, irrational and frankly selfish and incredibly dependent on others. Not to mention selfish to a ridiculous degree. I admit I wanted someone to slap her in the hopes that it would knock some sense into her. For most of this book she suffered from a severe case of “wanting to have her cake and to be able to eat it too.” And while I know that Kellan is as much to blame as Keira, I found myself feeling really sorry for him. And devastated for Denny, though Denny isn’t without his faults but what Keira does to him doesn’t fit his crimes.

As the book moves on, I became more enthralled with the results of these types of actions. This is a realistic love triangle with all the faults of each character contributing to the ultimate confrontation and the bitter taste it leaves in the mouths of each person involved. You discover that no one is immune to the pain, even those that are on the fringes. Friends and family get pulled into these situations and can cause trouble for them as much as for the active participants. It’s interesting to see how the uncaring actions of one you trust can push you do to things you never would have thought possible and I think that Stephens does a fairly good job in exploring infidelity and the results of when one is found out.

But the book isn’t without it’s flaws. It’s not clear where Kellan gets his money, and maybe it doesn’t matter but I wondered about it more than once so maybe it did. I also couldn’t understand how characters in their early 20’s didn’t have a cell phone. This story is set in current day and therefore they should have cell phones. It just seemed to be a bit strange to me.

Overall, this was a great start to this series. I originally hadn’t planned on reading the other two books but by the conclusion of this book, I found myself wanting to read the next two to see how their actions affect the future relationships of the characters. I wanted to see if they would grow and become better people or if they would continue to make the same mistakes they made in the first book. I can see why this is on the must reads list for New Adult fiction by Booklist. It’s definitely one I’ll recommend to my library customers.


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