Book Review: Radiant by Cynthia Hand



By Cynthia Hand

Series: Book 2.5 in Unearthly trilogy

My Rating: 4 Stars

Radiant is a novella that takes place between Hallowed (Book 2) and Boundless (book 3) of Cynthia Hand’s Unearthly trilogy. Clara graduates and heads off to Italy for the summer with her friend Angela. While there Clara meets the mysterious boy that Angela has been involved with but has told Clara nothing about. Clara discovers that Angela has been keeping secrets as well, ones that will impact them both.

I haven’t read Boundless yet, but I would have been sad to find out that Hand completely bypassed the whole summer after Clara graduates from high school. Since the summer months were so important in the first book, I would have felt lost as the reader had I not known what happened for Clara right after high school. That said, I wish this novella was longer and took me right up to them returning home. Perhaps Hand will continue the summer storyline in Boundless. If she does, I will be immensely happy. For readers of this series, I would definitely suggest reading this novella as it does pertain to the continuing plot of the series. Often times, x.5 novellas can be lived without, but this one I would certainly recommend to any reader of this series. As an added bonus, the reader learns more about Clara’s friend Angela, her history, and her mindset. I think this will help with the final book, which I believe is going to have a focus on Angela’s purpose as well as Clara’s. Don’t pass up this novella, be sure to check it out before moving on to the third book, you won’t feel like it’s time wasted.


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