Book Review: Unearthly by Cynthia Hand



By Cynthia Hand

Series: Book 1 in the Unearthly Series

My Rating: 4 Stars

Clara Gardner is an angel blood. She never knew until her mother took her out and and revealed her true nature. It explains why Clara and her brother Jeffrey are better at everything than everyone else. It explains why they hardly have to try to excel while others struggle. Clara also learns that being part angel comes with obligations. They have a Purpose. It’s what they were put on the earth to do. It’s their destiny. Clara’s destiny takes her from California to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. There she discovers the boy she’s been seeing in her visions, Christian. But Clara’s visions don’t give her all the information she needs to complete her purpose. As the time for fulfilling her purpose gets closer and closer, Clara must try to decipher all the clues she’s given so that she’s successful. There is just one problem, while Clara’s destiny is pointing her toward Christian, her heart is pushing her toward Tucker. It’s almost too much for Clara. The world isn’t what she thought it was, and neither is her family or her destiny. Clara must face hard lessons about love and duty as well as destiny and free will. What she knows is that she will never be the same after.

I really enjoyed this book. Aside from the beautiful cover which is probably what drove me toward this book, the storyline is well plotted and the characters are fully developed. Clara faces tough decisions. She is angsty but rightly so. Life isn’t handing her the options that she always thought she would have. Her struggles come from her frustrations that she doesn’t have as much free will as humans. Her life is changing so fast that she can hardly keep up with it and she’s being forced to make serious decisions that don’t seem fair. I also thoroughly enjoyed the setting of this book. Hand, does a great job of describing Wyoming and the beautiful wild country in that state. The wildness of the setting plays like a character in the novel. And speaking of characters…Christian is all that you would expect he would be, but you can’t help but love Tucker. He’s a cowboy!! How often do you get a YA book with a cowboy? Tucker is rugged, handsome, funny and completely irresistible. Overall, this is a great YA book. Adult readers who love YA books will like this one and anyone who likes Angels will enjoy this book. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.


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