Book Review: Forbidden by Syrie James



By Syrie James

My Rating: 1 Star

Claire Brennan has been at Emerson Academy for two years and she’s hoping she’ll get to stay. That is, if her Mom doesn’t suddenly get a strange vibe and decide they have to move again. This is how Claire’s life has always been and she’s trying very hard to keep everything as normal as possible or at least that’s what she’s doing in front of her mom. But Claire’s life is spiraling out of control. She’s having visions, visions where someone warns her that she’s in danger. Claire doesn’t know what to do and then she meets Alec MacKenzie. There is something about him that Claire can’t put her foot on but she’s drawn to him. He’s quiet and mysterious and completely hot. As Claire and Alec get closer, Claire’s visions become more ominous and they discover that their love for one another is forbidden, because they each hold secrets that will turn their lives upside down.

Saying I was disappointed with this book is putting it very lightly. The cover is beautiful and I’ve read Syrie James before so I thought this was going to be a great book. Even the description of the book made me think it would be great, but it wasn’t. The writing was juvenile. The characters were flat, like cardboard cutouts. And frankly, it was like watching paint dry for the first 120 pages. I mean, nothing happens other than reading over and over about Claire going to school and talking to her friends and nothing thrills me more than having to listen to the immature happenings in a teenager’s life, especially ones as immature and boring as these. You don’t even find out what Alec or Claire are until 120 pages into the book which is odd since the chapters alternate between being narrated by Claire and Alec. I’m not a writer, but it seems that some inkling of what they are would be apparent before then with this type of narration. The other frustrating thing about the dual narrators is that one narrator held the book while the other killed it. Alec’s chapters were better written, stronger and more developed. He was the more interesting character. Claire was boring, ridiculously immature, and came off as being spoiled and self-centered. I know this book was written by James and her adult son, so I’m wondering if one wrote one character while the other wrote the other character. This could explain the disparity between the chapters. Lastly, the ending of this book totally leaves you hanging and this is a stand alone book. I hate nothing more than to have no clear wrap-up of a story line at the end of a single book or a series. Seriously, I wanted to throw this book across the room when I was done but I refrained since I was reading it on my Nook. I’m saddened that I bought this book. I hated it so much I want to delete it and never have to look at it again. There are so many better YA paranormal romances out there. Don’t waste your time with this one.


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