Book Review: Secret Surrender by Priscilla West


Secret Surrender

By Priscilla West

My Rating: 2 Stars

This book was given to me as an ARC from Blackbird Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Secret Surrender continues the story of Kristen and Vincent. Vincent has chosen Kristen to lead the plan for his wealth management account with her firm but he’s done so only if she’ll be his. Kristen knows that she shouldn’t be falling for the sexy billionaire but she just can’t help herself. She is drawn to him in a way she’s never experienced before. They have agreed to keep their relationship a secret for the sake of Kristen’s career but there is risk everywhere they go. In an effort to have some freedom to just be, Vincent whisks Kristen off to his own private island getaway. There Kristen learns who Vincent really is deep down. But Vincent isn’t everything she thinks. Will these new revelations be a deal breaker for Kristen or will her feelings for him prevail?

I was so hoping that this would be better than the first installment of this story. But sadly, West didn’t deliver. The complications for Vincent and Kristen’s relationship that are presented in part 2 fall flat and aren’t as climactic as I would have hoped. Kristen comes across as a spoiled and over reactive brat. For someone who is so concerned with her professional representation she doesn’t seem to care that Vincent picks her up from work, and she doesn’t seem to mind that they could be photographed in compromising situations. She doesn’t care when she goes out to a very public dinner with him and causes a scene. The story just wasn’t believable. In addition, Vincent’s past relationships weren’t well developed and detailed. I didn’t get a feel for what his past was really like and therefore I didn’t really care. In addition, the lingering threat of Kristen’s ex doesn’t seem to be phasing her the way it should be. She was afraid of him enough to disappear into the night but now that he’s back she’s not all that concerned with her safety? It’s just not realistic. Maybe the third installment will be better. Here’s hoping.


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