What do I read next?


I was looking over my “to read” list, which has grown to a ridiculous, completely unmanageable, and frankly, intimidating 916 books, and I was trying to decide what to read next.  That’s the problem with having such a long list of books that I want to read, I have a very difficult time deciding what to actually read next.  I was thinking I might read the oldest book on my “to read” list but then I was thinking I’d really like to read something that’s bound to get a good review because five of the six books I’ve read so far this year have been total duds.  I’m looking for something that’s going to blow me away and really make me feel something.  Any suggestions?

I was thinking I might read Stolen by Lucy Christopher or Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin.  There are just so many options to choose from.  I keep my list on Goodreads and I really wish they had an option to randomly select a book from your list as your book to read next.  Sort of a spin the wheel option like Google’s “I Feel Lucky” option when searching.  Or perhaps I should go with this option that I found on Pinterest the other day.


You wouldn’t think that I would have such a hard time recommending books to myself seeing that I”m a librarian and all.  I spend my days recommending books to others based on what they have read for goodness sake.  But here I sit, staring blankly at my “to read” list, feeling a bit lost and intimidated.  Then to make matters worse, I find myself saying, well do you want to read a print book or an e-book.  I work in a library so just about any print book is available to me but for e-books I have to limit myself to those that are available through Overdrive at my library.  Still those options are quite vast since my library boasts an online collection of close to 125K e-books and audio books.  These are choices that really shouldn’t be that difficult but alas they are.  Of course I have solution to this problem…clearly I need more time to read so that I can move through my “to read” list faster and I don’t feel so overwhelmed by it.  I think this is a reasonable solution:


Sadly, I don’t think the above option is going to happen so I should just accept the following:


Anyways, despite my troubles in picking out a book to read next, I am currently two books ahead of schedule to meet my 150 book goal for 2014.  That’s good because I just booked a trip to London where I likely will not get in any reading other than while on the plane.  I hope you are all still on track with your reading goals for the year.  If not, don’t fear we are only a couple of weeks into the new year…there is still plenty of time to catch up.  Happy Reading!


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