Book Review: Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller


Eternal Ones

By Kirsten Miller

My Rating: 3 Stars

Haven lives in a small down in the mountains of Tennessee. She’s never been anywhere but she’s always felt a strange connection with New York City, a city she’s never been to but oddly seems to know everything about it. Most of her knowledge comes from visions she’s had her entire life. The visions also include an attractive boy named Ethan. She comes to believe that these visions of New York and Ethan are memories from a past life. Then one day, Haven is watching TV and she see’s the enigmatic Iain Morrow on TV and instantly feels drawn to him for some inexplicable reason. Haven knows she has to meet Iain. So she heads off to New York to see what their connection is. As it turns out, Iain has been looking for her his entire life. But as the two become closer and begin to care about each other, they discover that their pasts are about to catch up with them. They can only hope that this life will end better than their past ones.

This book wasn’t terrible. Though I can understand why it received so many low ratings from other readers. It wasn’t what I was expecting and from what I’ve read from other reviewers, it wasn’t what they expected either. Keeping that in mind, the story wasn’t terrible but it did seem to drag a bit in the beginning and I never really felt like I fully understood or knew Iain. And frankly, Haven was a bit annoying as the book went on. It didn’t seem like she had a mind of her own most of the time. She was so easily swayed from one direction to the other and it left me feeling a bit like I had whiplash from all her back and forth and back and forth. That said, I felt like the story was intriguing enough for me to want to continue the series and read the second book. Overall, not a terrible book and YA readers will likely enjoy this read.


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